Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Sacramento's History

After your tours of Old Sacramento, both above and below ground, what do you think of our state capital's history? You had the opportunity to hear many stories, some of which were crazy! Think of all the stories you heard, and then, state your big idea of what you think about Sacramento's history. Once you have stated your big idea, supply several ideas from the tours along with your own thinking to fully explain what you think of our city's history. You can create any big idea you would like; the key is to support that idea with a variety of reasons and your thoughts. Be sure to have a strong conclusion at the end that will restate your big idea, but don't use the same wording.

Be sure you check your document for good spelling and conventions. Be creative in your wording so that your reader wants to keep reading. Make the ideas exciting and really strive to bring the history of Sacramento to life for the readers of the blog. Not many people know what you now know about Sacramento's history, so teach our readers from all over the world about the beginning years of California's capital city!