Saturday, November 17, 2018

Journey to the California Gold Fields

All of our gold rush teams have made it to Golden Gulch! Some had very few troubles, while some needed multiple tries. We heard of the struggles that some of the teams had, and it's clear that the journey was full of dangers and obstacles. 

For this writing, your task is to take the role of a gold miner in Golden Gulch who is telling what he or she knows about the journey to California. You can discuss the perils that were faced, the choices that had to be made, the challenges that the miners had to overcome and the stories that you heard. You are more than welcome to offer advice and suggestions to others who will follow. Make sure that you use the information from all the teams and not just your own. The way you structure this is up to you, but be sure your point of view is a gold miner who has arrived in Golden Gulch. 

As always, write with clarity and precision. State your opinions, but be sure to have supporting evidence. The world poured into California for the gold rush so let's tell the story of the journey that people from all over the world took as they attempted to get rich!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

What do you want to say?

It's your turn, fourth graders!

This is your space to write and comment about anything you'd like to say about the topics we study in class. Any topic that we have spoken about is fair game here. Say what you want about whatever we've studied. Commenting back and forth would open up a great conversation about our studies in class. This could be fun!

Always try to remember to do your best with your spelling and conventions. Comment respectfully, especially if you disagree with what's been written. Disagreement is where the fun begins because others' perspectives cause us all to think a little differently. Think about what's been said, comment in support or in opposition to your classmate's thoughts, but always have an opinion that is stated with kindness. 

Let's get some great commentary going, room 15!