Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Underground Railroad

If you were alive in the time span of 1810 to the 1860s and you lived in an area through which the Underground Railroad ran, what role would you take? There are many choices:

  • You could be a slave who has decided to run for freedom

  • You could be a conductor who helped escaping slaves run to freedom

  • You could run a station where escaping slaves stayed during the night and maybe for days until it was safe to advance

  • You could hunt for runaway slaves, especially after the Fugitive Slave Law was passed in 1850

  • You might decide to have absolutely nothing to do with the Underground Railroad

There are multiple points of view that you can take. Your job in the first blog of the year is to select the one role you would take in the Underground Railroad. Create a strong topic sentence that will get your reader so interested in your blog piece that she or he could not possibly click off it until the entire piece was read. Then, fill in the details to support your main idea. Select ideas from all the reading we’ve done, the video we’ve seen, the discussions in class, and YOUR own thoughts to help support your idea. Write your details in a way that adds interest and will keep your reader on your blog. When you reach the end, develop a strong conclusion that restates your main idea in a way that your reader will leave thinking, “That was a powerful piece of writing.” Avoid conclusions such as, “That is why I think that . . . “ or “Those are my reasons for . . .”

Be sure to edit for good spelling, good grammar, good punctuation and capitalization and good sentence structure. Once you post the writing, it is online and it can no longer be edited, so be sure it is ready to publish.

Be sure to read your classmate’s blogs and comment on them. You can ask them questions, you can compliment them, or you can agree with their ideas and add on to them. Be supportive to your friends. 

Let’s teach the world about the Underground Railroad and what it was like from different perspectives!