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By the Great Horn Spoon! The next chapter

We loved By the Great Horn Spoon! by Sid Fleischman. However, the book just seems to need "the next part." By popular demand, and the chants of the 4th graders, the next part will be written!

In this post, your job is to tell "the next part." After the happy ending at the long wharf, what would happen to our characters if the story continued? Give it some thought, write what you think would happen, or what you'd like to see happen, and post it here. Be sure that the events you write fit in the scope of the story and would continue right where chapter 18 ends.

Be sure you have strong sentences, good spelling and correct conventions. We are all looking forward to seeing what each 4th grader will add to our recently completed literature study. HAVE FUN with this one, fourth graders!


  1. I can not wait to start this blog!

  2. We did not do this blog when I was in fourth grade!

    1. That is true, Justin. The reaction of the class to the end of the book brought this piece of writing to the blogosphere! I can't wait to see the new ideas!

    Back To Hangtown!

    “Are you ready to start mining?” Praiseworthy said to Aunt Arabella in a cheerful tone.

    “Yes,” she said, smiling.

    As they trotted off to the bay to catch a ship to Hangtown, Jack heard shouting from a large Yankee clipper ship. “Jack! Praiseworthy!” a man from the ship shouted. Jack and Praiseworthy recognized the sailor.

    “Capn’ Swain?” said Praiseworthy.

    “Yes, indeed,” Mr. Swain answered.

    “Who is that man?” asked Constance in a curious voice.

    “Why,” Praiseworthy said, “he is the man who took us to California!”

    “Well, he looks like a fine sailor,” said Aunt Arabella.

    “You need a ship to California again?” Captain Swain questioned. Praiseworthy smiled and showed off his white teeth.

    “Yes we do,” he said.

    As they boarded the ship, Captain Swain asked: “Why did you leave?” Praiseworthy lit a Long Nine cigar.

    “We had enough gold,” Praiseworthy said. “And we were comin’ back. But the capn’ on the ship back exploded the boiler while goin’ to fast.”

    “Doggone,” Captain Swain said.

    “We almost drowned because of our gold,” Praiseworthy said. “We had to let it go.” He blew a puff of smoke. “Now we got colossal amounts of gold selling cats to miners who need to fend off them rats.”

    “I see,” Captain Swain said. “Well, let’s get goin!”

    They set sail for Hangtown.

    “Who’s the lady?” Captain Swain asked.

    “This my new wife, Mrs. Arabella,” Praiseworthy said, cheerfully.

    “Well, she’s a fine woman,” Captain Swain said.

    Later that day, they were at Hangtown.

    “Praiseworthy?” Pitch pine Billy said. “Is that you?”

    “Shore is!” Praiseworthy said.

    “Well what brought you back to Hangtown?” Pitch-pine Billy questioned.

    “I wanted my new wife to mine with us,” Praiseworthy said. “Miss Arabella, this is Pitch-pine Billy.”

    “Well,” Constance said. “I think we should stop talking and-” She was cut off by Sarah finishing her sentence. “START MINING!” Sarah yelled.

    Everybody laughed. “I agree,” Praiseworthy said. “The whole family! And friends!”

    . . .

    In a couple months, they got rich! They bought a big house in California and lived happily ever after.


    1. Great job! I really like how you created an entire script for what everybody says. Great Blog!!

    2. Great job, Elijah! I really liked how you explained the tone that the speaker used!

    3. I agree with both Jeremiah and Naya ˆ. Your writing made it like I was reading more of the original story, Elijah! This is well done and was fun to read!

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  5. Just wanted to say that even though my blog will be posted under my sisters name it will actually be Noah's blog because I am writing my blog on my sisters computer.

  6. The Wedding Day

    Praiseworthy, Aunt Arabella, Jack, Sarah, and Constance arrived into town shocked by a enormous crowd gathering around them. Practically everybody in Hangtown stopped their gold digging and rushed toward the women.

    “Oh golly!” Pitch-Pine billy exclaimed. More women in town. It’s a miracle!

    Praiseworthy laughed at the sound of Pitch-Pine Billy. Praiseworthy then announced that he and Aunt Arabella were going to be
    married right here in Hangtown. Everybody cheered.

    Mountain Jim replied , "But where in Hangtown and when?”

    “Right here right now.” Does that answer your question? Praiseworthy asked.

    “Sure does,” Mountain Jim replied.

    Every gent in town sat or stood while Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella stood in the middle of everybody.

    Pitch-Pine Billy then asked if Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella would
    accept each other to be a wife and husband. They both agreed.

    “Then Bullwhip, you shall kiss the bride,” Pitch-Pine Billy said.

    Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella looked at each other with a smile and kissed. They were officially wife and husband.
    By: Noah

    1. Ah, the wedding! That makes sense to be the next chapter. Nice conversation around the event. Pitch-pine Billy is a minister, or at least someone who can officially marry people? A new plot twist . . .


  7. Chapter 19

    As the happy family walked down the street to get tickets to go on a river boat back to the diggings, many astonished men were staring at Aunt Arabella, Constance and Sarah. After getting tickets to go on the river boat, they met Quartz Jackson near the river.

    "I’d got some things for my missus and I’m heading back home. Who are these folks?" asked Quartz Jackson.

    Praiseworthy smiled and said,"This is my fiance, Miss Arabella," he said pointing towards Aunt Arabella. "These are Miss Constance and Miss Sarah."

    "This is Mr. Quartz Jackson. He helped teach us how to pan,"Jack added as he beamed at Quartz Jackson. They got on the boat and the river boat started to move.

    "It’s a pleasure to meet you,"Aunt Arabella said to Quartz Jackson. The time on the river boat and stagecoach seemed to fly as Aunt Arabella and Constance were talking to Praiseworthy and Jack about their adventure to California, while Sarah and Quartz Jackson were napping almost the whole time. Sarah only woke up when the boat was stuck on a sandbar and was worried about the Indians just as Jack had thought.

    Sarah nervously asked,"What if they come on board?" and Jack reassured her by telling her that the Indians were tame and would not hurt anyone.

    When they reached Hangtown, Praiseworthy built a cabin next to Quartz Jackson’s cabin with Quartz Jackson’s and Pitch-Pine Billy’s help. Praiseworthy and Miss Arabella had a simple, but beautiful wedding.

    Praiseworthy came up with ideas for many essential laws that would greatly benefit the miners. He called for camp meetings with a presiding officer, a recorder and sometimes a marshal who helped make these laws and enforced them. Praiseworthy made a law book with these laws. These laws helped decrease the crime rate in Hangtown. This inspired other campsites to buy copies of Praiseworthy’s law book from him and follow the laws which they did. This brought fame and prosperity to Praiseworthy and his family.

    Now the butler and the boy were happy for they had struck it rich with a joyful and kind family. This was not a happily ever after, for Jack realized he had many more adventures in his life yet to come.

    "By The Great Horn Spoon!" Jack yelled for he was happier than ever.

    1. This is great, Samrita! You touched on so many open ended parts of the story. I think that your ending is perfect-Jack is probably the happiest he's EVER been!

    2. Great job, Samrita! I like that you wrote that Aunt Arabella and Praiseworthy had a simple marrige. Also, that you told about Praiseworthy and his laws.

    3. I don't think that Quartz Jackson tought them how to pan. I think Pitch-pine Billy did but you did good <(^-^)>
      ( )

  8. Epilogue

    Of by the Great Horn Spoon
    By: Gavin Boyd

    The happy family went to buy wood. When they got into town, everyone was surprised.

    “It’s a woman, Bullwhip brought a woman to town!” said Mountain Jim excitedly.

    “She’s beautiful!” Said another miner.

    “What’s her name?” asked Pitch-Pine Billy.

    “Her name’s Arabella, we’re gonna get married.” said Praiseworthy.

    The family walked into the market to buy wood to make their cabin.

    Jack asked Praiseworthy, “Can we get another four shooter? Maybe get one for everyone?”

    “Maybe,” said Praiseworthy.

    Praiseworthy bought 70 pounds of wood to make their cabin. They bought 5 buckskin pouches and five four shooters.

    “How about we go to Shirt-tail Camp where we found most of our gold, it’s a pretty nice place,” said Praiseworthy.

    “Yeah! We were digging Cut-Eye Higgins-”

    “Who’s Cut-Eye Higgins?” asked Aunt Arabella.

    “He’s a guy that steals a bunch of things, he stole our money to get here; luckily we got it back. Anyway, we were digging Cut-Eye Higgins grave because he was going to be hung soon, and we hit bedrock and found lots of gold. But every one has been mining there so there wouldn’t be any gold left, so why don’t we go somewhere else,” said Jack.

    Praiseworthy answered, “True. How about we go back to Hangtown.”

    “I don’t like the sound of Hangtown, it sounds like we would be hung, and plus if you brought my nephew there and it’s a bad place than you’re in big trouble,” said Aunt Arabella.

    “Don’t worry it’s a nice place, you only get hung if you do something against miners law. It’s only called Hangtown because people are typically hung there.”

    “Well, okay. We need to hurry up though, we need to get there before sundown,” answered Arabella.

    They headed to Hangtown and when they got there they knew that the word that a woman was in town.

    To be continued...

    1. Nice job Gavin! I like how you put in a lot of speech.

    2. The dialogue fits in with the book nicely, Gavin. What happens in Hangtown?

  9. Chapter 19
    The House

    “ Let us hitch a ride back to the gold fields,” Praiseworthy said to Aunt Arabella, Constance, Sarah, and Jack.

    They caught a safe boat ride back to the mines. Praiseworthy came up with an idea to keep his family safe. He asked Quartz Jackson if they could stay in his house until he built his own. Once they got to Hangtown, Jack insisted that Praiseworthy eat lunch. Then, Praiseworthy rushed over to Quartz Jackson’s house and asked if his family could stay until he built a house.

    Quartz Jackson said, “Yes, sure you can stay over with the missus. She will be glad to see another woman. Do you want me to help you build the cabin?”

    Praiseworthy replied, “Yes, thanks for asking. Would the missus like to come over for lunch with my wife?”

    “Yes,” called Quartz Jackson’s wife from inside the house.

    “I’ll go tell Miss Arabella about this arrangement,” called Praiseworthy over his shoulder as he walked away.

    Aunt Arabella was preparing lunch when Praiseworthy came back and told her about the arrangement. Aunt Arabella was very pleased about meeting another woman. She immediately started to dish out a portion of the lunch dish for her new acquaintance.

    After a good lunch with the missus, Praiseworthy and his family moved into Quartz Jackson’s house.

    “Let’s go build that cabin!” declared Praiseworthy

    The boys built a small cabin on the side of a river in a day. They made it close to the river so Praiseworthy and Jack could mine closer to the women folk.

    Praiseworthy, Jack, Aunt Arabella, Constance, and Sarah finally moved in to their new house after laborious hours working to build it.

    One day as Praiseworthy and Jack were mining, Praiseworthy hit a toilet paper sized object. Praiseworthy didn’t tell Jack, but dug around it to see what it was. Pretty soon he saw the end of the object, because it wasn’t too big. He got Jack to haul him and the toilet paper sized object up. When he got to the top, Jamoka Jack and Praiseworthy washed the loot and found it was gold! Jack ran to the cabin to tell Aunt Arabella and the rest of his sibling about their find. Aunt Arabella asked if they could buy an oven for the kitchen so she could cook more goods at home. Praiseworthy agreed and went to town with Jack to buy it.

    Chapter 20
    The Fire that Changed Everything

    After Praiseworthy and Jack went to town and bought the oven, they went back to working in the mines. One fateful day when Sarah came to give them their lunch, the house caught on fire from the oven. Aunt Arabella was out getting water for the bread she was making and Constance was stirring the pot for dinner. Constance was right near the oven so her arms and legs were severely burned. The fire was eventually extinguished. They put cold water from the river on Constance’s burns so they stopped burning. Constance was prone to disease and there was an infection going through camp. They all got it except for Praiseworthy and Sarah. Soon, Aunt Arabella and Jack got better. Constance, since her burns and open injuries were so bad, sadly died. They grief hit the family like a brick wall. They were so sad they used the rest of their money to get on a ship and sail back to Boston to try to begin a new life. They purchased a small cottage, learned to deal with their sorrows and lived happily ever after.

    1. Nice Job Naya! I like how you did the next two chapters instead of just one.

    2. I like that they found a huge gold nugget! Would a main character suffer such a tragedy in a book like this one? The end is good as they end up right back in Boston. Is Arabella laughed out of town for marrying her butler?

    3. that's so sad that Constance died.

    4. er... I'm not sure that's a "happy ever after" after Sarah died... :(

  10. Epilogue
    After Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella’s marriage news spreaded on, soon Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella became famous. The entire city of Hangtown had a festival just for them. Quartz Jackson’s wife had started to talk to Aunt Arabella a lot after the festival. Quartz Jackson's wife told Aunt Arabella that she was so happy that another woman was here because there are so many men that women were very scarce in the gold rush. So it was hard for her to find other women in the goldfields.
    One day Jack and Praiseworthy started talking about Praiseworthy and his marriage. “It’s truly amazing, ain't it?” said Jack.
    “What's amazing?” said Praiseworthy.
    “How Aunt Arabella and you actually married and how the news spreads so quickly.” Jack answered. Praiseworthy flushed with embarrassment.
    “Well, Jack-” Praiseworthy stopped “you know there aren't that many women here,” Praiseworthy said quickly. Praiseworthy sat with his back on the grass.
    “We will start building a cabin tomorrow,” said Praiseworthy changing the subject. Jack started thinking about how their cabin would look like and started to tell Praiseworthy about it. Right as Jack was starting to tell Praiseworthy that he wanted the cabin to be three stories tall, Aunt Arabella interrupted Jack.

    “Praiseworthy, Jack, come on, our sowbelly and beans are ready and Pitch Pine Billy is hungry. Oh, and bring a stick or something to scare away any claim jumpers. Please don't hurt them,” said Aunt Arabella. Aunt Arabella had become close friends with Pitch Pine Billy not long after her marriage with Praiseworthy. She had even gotten used to having dinners with Pitch Pine Billy.
    When Praiseworthy woke up that morning he sneaked out and started collecting wood. He kept on getting wood until he was splintered and sweaty and could not collect any more wood. He came to his claim late that night when everybody was asleep. When Jack woke up this morning he woke up Praiseworthy with him. Then they started to build the cabin.
    Praiseworthy and Jack worked on building the cabin all day. Nothing stopped them from building this cabin, not even Aunt Arabella’s pleading for them to stay and have a day with her. After two months of work, Jack and Praiseworthy finished building the cabin.

    1. Nice story, Kathryn. You've emphasized the lack of women in the Gold Rush! What happens after the cabin is built?

  11. Bennett BrandenburgJanuary 9, 2018 at 4:13 PM

    By the Great Horn Spoon Part 2

    It was a sunny afternoon in Sacramento. Jack and Praiseworthy had built a cabin there so that Aunt Arabella, Constance, Sarah, Jack, and Praiseworthy could sleep in something other than their tent. Everyone was still jealous of Praiseworthy even though it had been 1 year since he and Arabella gotten married. Jack and Praiseworthy bought new 4-shooters for themselves. There was a lot of whining from Constance and Sarah because they didn’t get one, but that was fixed (with a spanking.) Like Praiseworthy had said, Aunt Arabella had gotten about ten proposals on the first block, but Jack proudly explained how Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella were married. People still asked even though they knew.

    “Does anyone want to get a claim?” questioned Jack. “I know just the place to get one.”

    “Where?” asked Constance excitedly.

    “Hangtown of course!” exclaimed Jack. “We’ll just get some dirt from the ground, put it in the pan, get a claim, then mine with that dirt!

    “Great idea,” said Praiseworthy. We’ll be up and out at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

    The next day, they all went to Hangtown. They were wandering around trying to find a spot for their claim for about two hours when they finally found a spot.

    “Finally,” Aunt Arabella said. “Jack, did you get the stakes and tin cans?”

    “Oops,” Jack muttered.

    “Someone’s going to get spanked!” teased Constance and Sarah.

    “Stop that!” said Aunt Arabella. “Praiseworthy, you’re more responsible, will you go and get the stakes and tin cans?”

    “Alright,” Praiseworthy said.

    “Bye!” said everyone but Jack; he was too embarrassed to speak.

    Praiseworthy was off! It took him two hours to get back on a stagecoach, which took almost the whole day to get back to Sacramento. It was night by the time he got there. It was also night when he realized he didn’t know where the cabin was located. Suddenly, like it popped out of thin air, a fire appeared in Praiseworthy’s line of sight. When Praiseworthy reached it, he saw a man sitting by the fire. Suddenly an idea popped into Praiseworthy’s head. Praiseworthy couldn’t be far, so he decided to ask the man if he knew where the cabin was, because he had probably seen it.

    “Hi, have you seen a cabin around here?” asked Praiseworthy.

    “That way,” the man said, pointing.

    So Praiseworthy got to the cabin and went to sleep, but the next morning he sensed something was wrong. He couldn’t find the stakes or the tin cans anywhere. He searched inside the house, outside the house, and even in the outhouse. He realized the stakes and tin cans probably didn’t just grow feet and leave the cabin. Then he realized a thief probably stole them. So he decided to return to his family in Hangtown and buy stakes and tin cans in the mercantile, but he wasn’t happy. The trip and supplies would be very expensive.

    So he got on a stagecoach, and got off at Hangtown. He kept walking, looking for his family. When he was almost to Aunt Arabella, Jack, Constance, and Sarah (they had to move because no one could stake a claim in their first spot), Praiseworthy noticed someone. He noticed someone without ears mining. Then he realized this guy could have been the thief! When he got closer, he remembered he had carved his name into one of the stakes. So he crept up quietly and looked for his name. The first stake he saw did not have his name. He was getting stressed out, but not much. The second one he saw also didn’t say Praiseworthy on it. Now he was getting tense. Then he saw the third. He thought it was the one, and it read … nothing. He was sweating by now. If the last one didn't have his name on it, he would have to spend a lot of money on stakes and tin cans. Wait, where was the last stake? Praiseworthy spent two minutes frantically trying to find it. Then, there it stood! The last stake was already pounded into the ground. He saw a few letters of faint text that read: PRAI. Once the earless man got up to stretch his arms, Praiseworthy ripped the stake out of the ground, and it read PRAISEWORTHY. The earless man was the thief.

    1. Bennett BrandenburgJanuary 9, 2018 at 4:14 PM

      Praiseworthy got to the tent to his wife and kids and posted a notice in Hangtown right away to call a camp meeting. The final decision was the earless man was banished from the camp and Praiseworthy got his stakes and tin cans back. Praiseworthy got to the tent again right in time for dinner. Everyone was really excited for him to get home, because that meant they got to stake a claim the next morning.

      “Pa, what happened?” asked Sarah.

      After Praiseworthy told the kids about what had happened, Jack had one more thing to say.

      “That’s what I call an adventure!” exclaimed Jack.

      Jack got to drive the first stake in to the ground as a sign that he was forgiven.

      The End

    2. This is outstanding Bennett! You tell a fun adventure with rising action, climax and resolution. You build excitement in the story, and you end it expertly. This was fun to read!

    3. Nice Bennett! I like how you used "mercantile"

  12. Epilogue
    As soon as Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella got married, they traveled back to Hangtown, though Aunt Arabella thought it sounded dreadful, with Jack, Constance, and Sarah. When news spread around camp about a woman, the men cut their hair, trimmed their beards, and put on their neckties. Aunt Arabella was famous! Friendly miners, like Jimmie-from-Town, were glad for Praiseworthy, while others were very jealous. Praiseworthy was proud. The family built a cabin right next to Quart Jackson’s, outside of the camp. They had enough to survive because Praiseworthy’s family had sent over supplies from England.

    One night, a miner came riding into town. “That Doc. Higgins feller, down in Chili Gulch, he stole a mountain canary who thinks he’s a mule. Name’s Stubb, or so I heard. Shore was valuable! Anyway, Higgins got hanged!” the miner exclaimed. A cheer rose over the crowd that had gathered to hear the news. They knew about Higgins. Jack and Praiseworthy gave each other a look. Stubb!

    Jack and Praiseworthy went over to Chili Gulch to buy back Stubb. They managed to get Stubb back. Now they had a way to carry their grubstake and entertainment for the three kids when Jack was tired of mining. He also bought three four-shooters while they were there; one for Jack, one for Praiseworthy, and one for emergencies. Praiseworthy bought more Long Nine Cigars, because he now smoked them regularly.

    One day, when Jack, Praiseworthy, and Constance wanted pickles, they traveled to the San Francisco. Strangely, they did not see the Lady Wilma. They asked Azariah Jones, and he said Swain went back to Boston. The Lady Wilma had been taken away by robbers. It was long gone. They tried to go through the “Deadly” Strait of Magellan and crashed into a huge boulder with sharp, jagged edges. The ship split in half, and the robbers drowned. Praiseworthy tried to write a letter to Captain Swain in Boston with the kidney pie recipe and the news about the Lady Wilma, but before he could send it Azariah Jones stopped him. He forgot to say that Captain Swain died from typhoid. The family bought a pig for a family pet. The pig oddly was always following Jack. Then, Jack figured out the only possibility: it was Good Luck, the pig he pitched over the side of the Lady Wilma a long time ago so the pig was safe from the cruel chef of the Lady Wilma.
    When the three people traveled back to Hangtown, all the miners were gone. Aunt Arabella said there was a hanging, and word was someone tried to rob the Empire Hotel restaurant. Everyone went to see it. Hangtown then installed a guard for the hotel. As everyone settled in, Aunt Arabella announced that Jack, Constance, and Sarah were soon to have two more siblings. They would name them Wilma and Raven, in honor of Captain Swain.
    The End

    1. You sure did an innovative job of working many parts of the book into your story, Geoffrey! Nicely done. The ending is awesome; to name new siblings after the ships brings a smile to the reader. Creative connections in this post, Geoffrey!

    2. I like how you brought back a lot of characters from By the Great Horn Spoon!

    3. Yay!!!!!!!!Higgins is hanged.

  13. Chapter 19
    Not a Fighting Chance

    Once Jack and Praiseworthy were reunited with Aunt Arabella, Constance, and Sarah, they decided not to return to Boston. They decided to live in the mining town, Hangtown.

    “How do we get to this Hangtown place? It sounds really awful,” exclaimed Constance.

    “Well, we’ll have to pay to ride a riverboat that leaves at 4:00 p.m. to get to Sacramento City, then catch a stagecoach that is headed to Hangtown,”explained Jack.

    “Sounds like a long trip,” murmured Sarah.

    “Oh, and the cost is $25 each to pay for our fare.” Jack said sadly.

    All hope seemed lost until Mr. Azariah Jones strolled over and questioned, “What’s the matter gents?”

    “You just gave me an idea. Thanks,” said Jack.

    “What’s your idea, Jack?” questioned Aunt Arabella.

    “Well Mr. Azariah Jones is an…”

    “Auctioneer,” yelled Praiseworthy.

    “We can be auctioneers!” Sarah announced happily.

    “But what shall we bargain? We have little money and no goods,” said Praiseworthy.

    “Admit it Jack. Sort of a bad idea.” Said Constance.

    “Without any goods we don't have a fighting chance of being auctioneers.” Jack said, sadly.

    “Jack!” Exclaimed Praiseworthy, “You're a genius!”

    “I am?” Questioned Jack.

    “He is?” Questioned Constance, Sarah, and Aunt Arabella all at once.

    Praiseworthy added, “Do you remember the fight with Mountain Ox, Jack?”

    “Yes,” Jack replied.

    “I could offer…” Praiseworthy began.

    “Fighting lessons!” Yelled Jack excitedly, as he finished Praiseworthy’s sentence.

    “We could offer them for $10.00 per lesson!” Said Sarah.

    “What?” Said Aunt Arabella.

    “Really Sarah? You’re agreeing to this inappropriate idea?” Said Constance, very surprised.

    “We’ll have enough money in no time!” added Jack.

    As the group devised their plans, a voice that Praiseworthy and Jack recognized came from behind, “Bullwhip! Jamoka Jack! Is that you?”

    “Pitch-pine Billy!” Exclaimed Praiseworthy.

    “Did I hear ya right? You’re offerin’ fightin’ lessons?” Pitch-pine Billy questioned.

    Jack confirmed, and Pitch-pine Billy quickly spread the word.

    “Hey folks,” He started shouting, “Bullwhip’s givin’ out fightin’ lessons. $10.00 per lesson!”

    Soon enough, there was a colossal crowd around Praiseworthy and Jack. People were shouting questions like, “How soon can we start Bullwhip?” and “How long will the lessons be Bullwhip?”

    The crowd continued to grow larger and larger as the ladies exchanged worried expressions. People began reaching into their pockets ready to begin their fighting lessons.

    1. Well done, Annie! You found a great piece of the book from which to build. The title is very clever, too! I like the ending-ladies with worried faces!

  14. I think that in the next chapter in By the Great Horn Spoon should be called The Unbelievable Discovery.
    The next morning Jack, Praiseworthy, Constance, Sarah, and Aunt Arabella caught a boat back to Sacramento and boarded another boat to Coloma. When they arrived, they went to the stream where Jack found the two ounce gold nugget. They started to placer mine in the stream. At first Jack and Praiseworthy found gold flakes but Sarah, Constance, and Aunt Arabella had no luck. Then Sarah found a tiny gold flake and she started to brag loudly. “I have a gold flake and you don’t,” said Sarah.

    “I don’t care, I will find a big gold nugget,” said Constance.

    They went back to mine again. Then Jack and Praiseworthy went to hang town to buy a cradle, long tom, and two four shooters to defend themselves from ruffians and animals. Later that afternoon Constance was yelling. Everyone ran to Constance. They looked at her hand in amazement. The big shining gold nugget the size of a man’s fist. “I told you Sarah that I would find a bigger gold nugget than you,” said Constance.

    Aunt Arabella fell in a forgotten coyote hole. The hole was filled with rats. Aunt Arabella screamed in disgust. Then Praiseworthy heard her cry. He ran to the coyote hole and jumped in the hole. He grabbed Aunt Arabella’s hand and climbed up the hole. As he was climbing up the hole he stumbled on a shining object. When Praiseworthy got to the top he looked at the shining object. He studied the rock. He realized it was a gold bolder the size of an elephant. This gold bolder costed $300,000,000. Five days later an extremely rich man bought the gold bolder. Praiseworthy ended up being famous. The family ended up extremely rich.

    1. That is a fun adventure, Daniel! A boulder the size of an elephant? I am sure they all ended up extremely rich and fame came to Praiseworthy. Did they name the boulder after him?

    2. did they even know what elephants look like in the gold rush? or how big they are?:)

  15. Epilogue:
    Part 1
    “The life of a miner is hard, but you can handle it,” said Praiseworthy to Miss Arabella, Constance and Sarah. “Jack handled it, and you can do just as well. We need to board a ship to Hangtown. My friend, Pitch-Pine Billy, is there and he would be delighted to meet you!”
    As they got to their ship for Hangtown, Jack and Praiseworthy realised that the captain of the ship was none other than Captain Swain. “Is that you Capn’ Swain?” asked Jack.
    “Jack! Praiseworthy! Is that you?” asked Capn’ Swain. “What a surprise!” said Swain. “I can hardly recognise you! Any luck in the diggins’?”
    “Yes, and no,” said Praiseworthy.
    “Yeah, me neither,” said Swain. “That’s why I quit the life of a miner, and went back to sailing. Unfortunately, the new boat I won got wrecked by those meddlin’ cats on board the Lady Wilma. They chewed a hole through the side of the boat - the name was The Seeker - and apparently they sunk it, since it wasn’t there after I came back from the diggins’. They’re like rats, yes sir. But they’re precious to the boys - they eat the rats that are causin’ problems. I guess that that influences the behavior. Who’s the lady?”
    “That is Miss Arabella, my new wife,” said Praiseworthy.
    “And my aunt,” said Jack.
    “Perhaps I could give you a ride back to Hangtown,” said Swain.
    “That would be delightful!” said Miss Arabella.
    “A lady is so rare in the diggins’, that the boys would pay to see you! By next week, you’ll be as rich as can be!” exclaimed Swain.
    “Well, that will be good!” said Miss Arabella. “Let’s get going!”
    They finally boarded the steam ship, and Jack noticed the familiar curve of the hull, and the wood’s creak. “Is this the Lady Wilma?” asked Jack.
    “It shore is!” said Swain.
    “But a day ago we saw it deserted!” exclaimed Jack.
    Swain explained, “Well, the story is, I deserted it for the gold fields. After my hard luck, I decided to go back to sailing. Then I found the Lady Wilma still on the dock and decided to get to the old business of transporting gold miners and other folks. Don’t reckon they’ve had a better ship than the one your boots are on, yes sir.”

  16. Part 2
    The ride was smooth - at least to Jack and Praiseworthy. They had been on the Lady Wilma for five months at a time, and to them this was as smooth as riding a cloud. As for Constance, Sarah, and Arabella - it was like riding a bull! The boat bumped and crashed and thumped and the cats yelped - and so did Constance and Sarah. Miss Arabella, however, said it was a “mere squall.”
    “We’re here! The infamous Hangtown!” said Swain.
    “Well, goodbye for now!” said Praiseworthy.
    “Thank you!” said Jack.
    “No problem,” said Swain.
    Constance, Sarah, and even Arabella looked green.
    “I don’t feel so well,” said Constance.
    “Me neither,” said Sarah, who sounded nauseated.
    “Don’t worry,” said Jack. “By the time we get to the diggins’ you’ll feel better.”
    “He’s right,” said Praiseworthy. “What did you think of Capn’ Swain?”
    “He’s a fine sailor,” said Arabella politely, while swallowing hard.
    “I agree with that,” stated Constance. “But he’s a little rough - by sailing terms of course. The boat felt like I was riding a bull!”
    “Let’s stop talking and-” Praiseworthy started.
    “Let’s mine!” finished Sarah.
    The travelers met Pitch-Pine Billy at the usual spot where they mined with him just two weeks ago.
    “Praiseworthy! Jack!” exclaimed Pitch-Pine. “Good to see you again! Wow! You got a missus like ol’ Quartz?”
    “Shore did,” replied Praiseworthy.
    “Have you had any luck mining?” asked Jack.
    “Yeah! I’m a thousandaire!”
    “Good for you!” exclaimed Constance.
    “Who’s this?” asked Pitch-Pine Billy.
    “That is my niece, Constance,” stated Miss Arabella.
    “And my sister,” said Jack.
    “You guys know how to mine?” asked Pitch-Pine Billy.
    “No,” said Sarah.
    “That’s okay. I know a couple of tricks I taught Jack, and Praiseworthy. You can learn them too! In fact, why don’t Jack and Praiseworthy teach you! I’ll come along too.”
    “That would be exquisite!” exclaimed Miss Arabella.
    “Let me show you around. Right this way,” invited Billy.
    They went along the river to Pitch-Pine Billy’s claim, and Jack and Praiseworthy taught Miss Arabella, as well as her nieces, how to mine. In only a week, they were exceptionally rich and were able to build a large cabin overlooking the river.
    “This is something,” said Miss Arabella looking out of the beautiful cabin, “Yes indeed, this is something.”

    1. That was my blog:);)

    2. since when did Pitch-pine Billy call Praiseworthy "Praiseworthy."(no offense)

    3. when I said no offense I meant no offense to Praiseworthy.

    4. Great story, Daniel! You have good conversation, and you have built from the book nicely. The ending sounds like something that Praiseworthy said in the book, and it's a nice way to end-with Miss Arabella saying his words with a slight adjustment. Thousandaire! That's great!

    5. Just wait until I write the next chapter!

  17. Chapter nineteen
    The wedding
    Praiseworthy said “Miss Arabella shall we have a wedding tomorrow.”
    “Of course,” said Aunt Arabella.

    The next day Aunt Arabella and Praiseworthy got married in Hangtown. After the wedding they paid to get to the diggings with the money Constance, Sarah, and Aunt Arabella had.

    Chapter 20
    The diggings
    After a bumpy ride to the diggings Constance, Sarah, and Aunt Arabella met Pitch-pine Billy.
    “Bullwhip and Jamoka Jack are those you?” asked Pitch-pine Billy.
    “Yep,” said Praiseworthy.
    “Is that your missus?”
    “Shore is,” said Praiseworthy.
    “Can we start mining?” asked Constance.
    “As soon as we find a claim,” said Jack.
    “Then can we start mining?” asked Sarah.
    “Do ye know how to mine?” questioned Pitch-pine Billy.
    “No,” said Aunt Arabella,” but you can teach us, right?”
    “I was actually thinking about Bullwhip and Jamoka Jack teaching you three my tricks I taught ‘em,” said Pitch-pine Billy.
    So, the five staked a claim and Jack and Praiseworthy did teach the rest all the tricks they knew in a week. After they all knew how to mine they found bits of gold every day on a hill. The days continued in monotony. They woke up, mined, ate lunch, went back to mining, and then went to bed. One day Jack and Praiseworthy dug six feet and couldn’t go any farther. They hit bedrock and struck it rich.

    Chapter 21
    Gravediggers hill 2
    “BY THE GREAT HORN SPOON!” yelled Jack and Praiseworthy, “We struck it rich!”
    “We struck it rich!” yelled Constance, Sarah, and Aunt Arabella.
    The news spread that there was a gigantic gold discovery that was worth $400,000,000,001 in San Francisco. Miners came from every place in California and staked claims everywhere. The gold strike lasted and miners named the hill “Gravediggers Hill 2.” The strike didn’t show any sign of stopping so miners started to set up permanent housing and permanent buildings. In fact, Constance, Sarah, Praiseworthy, Jack, and Aunt Arabella built a cabin in a week. A month later Praiseworthy, Jack, Constance, Sarah, and Aunt Arabella were so rich, now they could buy a mansion in San Francisco. The five of them went back to San Francisco and bought a big house. They all knew their adventures weren’t over though. All five of them lived happily ever after.

    THE END(for now)

    1. $400,000,000,001-that extra dollar counts! Ha ha! Nice job, Eric. Your conversation is good. Why was Praiseworthy digging? Did someone die? I wonder what the family did in their mansion in San Francisco . . .

  18. Chapter 19
    The fight that changed Jack
    After Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella’s wedding, people proposed to Aunt Arabella, even though she was already married. People tried to bribe Aunt Arabella to marry her with gold nuggets, money pickaxes, and more stuff. People even wanted to gamble for her! But then, one day, people wanted to fight for her. Praiseworthy would win. Every single time. But, that is only a thought.

    “Are you sure this is a good Idea?” questioned Aunt Arabella.

    “Yes, I know how to fight. It is pretty easy if you ask me,” answered Praiseworthy.

    “Jack, is Praiseworthy really a good fighter?” asked Aunt Arabella.

    “Yes, Praiseworthy is the best fighter i've seen in my life,” answered Jack.

    “It is settled then. I will be fighting people who want to marry you.” said Praiseworthy.
    Fight after fight, after fight, Praiseworthy kept winning. Then, Someone familiar came for a fight to marry Aunt Arabella. Mountain Ox.

    “Mountain Ox looks thinner than usual,” whispered Jack.

    “He sure does. But that doesn't stop me from beating him,” said Praiseworthy.

    “Fight! Fight! Fight!” exclaimed Sarah and Constance.

    “Good luck,” everyone said to Praiseworthy
    The fight started. Praiseworthy kept dodging and dodging. After all the dodges, Praiseworthy went for a punch. Then, Mountain Ox dodged and went for a punch!
    It hit Praiseworthy!

    “Don’t worry, Praiseworthy!” Exclaimed Jack
    Now Mountain Ox kept dodging and dodging and dodging. And punching and punching and punching. Then, Mountain Ox charged for a really powerful punch.

    “Praiseworthy!” everyone yelled at Praiseworthy. “Dodge!”

    Praiseworthy tried to dodge, but he couldn't do it. He got punched so hard, he looked like he fainted or, that's what it looked like. Everybody ran up to Praiseworthy.

    “Praiseworthy! Praiseworthy?” Jack said to Praiseworthy.

    Praiseworthy didn't respond, nor breathe.

    “No. This isn't happening.” said Jack, almost crying.

    “Sorry Jack, but it is.” Aunt Arabella responded.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There will be an Epolauge after this, so don't say it isen't finished.

  19. Epolauge

    After Praiseworthy’s sad death, there was a funeral for him. Everybody he knew came. When Mountain Ox won the battle, he wasn't going to marry Aunt Arabella. Instead, he got hanged for breaking the law. As for Jack, well, everyday he felt strange without Praiseworthy. He acted weird. He was really sad. Aunt Arabella, Constance and Sarah tried to make him happy, but it never works. But then one day, Constance found a big, yellow rock. It was a humongous gold nugget! It cheered everybody up, including Jack. It was $32,000,000 worth of gold! Everyone went back to Boston and bought the mansion back. And lived happily ever after.
    The End

    1. That must have been one big yellow rock to be worth so much! Where was that creature found? I'm glad that, after the sad event, the rest of the family got to live happily. What did they do back in Boston?

  20. By the Great Horn: Epilogue post 1 of 2
    “How many rats did you catch today, Scratch?" asked Jack.
    Scratch is a pudgy orange cat which Jack, Praiseworthy, Sara, Constance, and Aunt Arabella adopted as their pet when they found him in the abandoned Lady Wilma ship. This cat was pretty effective in bulwarking the rats in their cabin at Hangtown. Scratch, so vigilant that he kept the cabin untouched by rats.
    Praiseworthy and his family mined for three long months after the wedding, and they only found small traces of gold. Most of the family was running out of hope, and only Jack and Praiseworthy continued to mine with all their effort. However today something exciting happened!
    Aunt Arabella happened to show more interest and effort in mining that day. After five hours of exhausting mining she started to yell “Gold!, Gold!” Initially, nobody took much notice. But, Praiseworthy ran towards Aunt Arabella. He stared at Aunt Arabella’s discovery with his mouth open wide and then he exclaimed “She is telling the truth.” Hearing which, everyone rushed to Aunt Arabella. Aunt Arabella, Praiseworthy, and Sara pulled out a sheeny gold nugget, the size of a small boulder!
    For the whole day, everyone came to Aunt Arabella to see the gold nugget. In the crowd stood a tall figure who was eyeing the gold nugget from a distance. This shady character was a stranger to the town. Jack, Praiseworthy, Sara, Constance, and Aunt Arabella took turns all day and all night to guard the gold in their cabin.
    Praiseworthy woke up at the crack of dawn, to check on the gold, along with his family. At first, it looked like their gold was intact and they were relieved. However, their relief turned into bewilderment when they discovered something strange had happened.

  21. By the Great Horn: Epilogue Post 2 of 2
    “Our gold has been replaced with a painted rock!” yelled Praiseworthy.
    “How do you know?” cried Sara.
    Praiseworthy showed everyone the paint marks on the cloth in which it was wrapped.
    “How did anyone steal the gold nugget?” asked Aunt Arabella. ”
    “I may have fallen asleep on the job.” confessed Constance.
    “Where in tarnation is our gold nugget?” exclaimed Sara.
    “I think there’s a way we can find out!” said Jack, who was examining Scratch who had a red striped patch of clothing in his mouth.
    Jack and his family went to their neighbor, Pitch-Pine-Billy to get help.
    Sara explained that the gold nugget was stolen and Scratch found a red striped patch of clothing.
    “Pitch-Pine-Billy, have you seen a miner wearing red striped pantaloons?” asked Praiseworthy, showing the patch of clothing to Pitch-Pine-Billy.
    “I ain’t seen a miner in a red striped pantaloon, but I can help you and your folk find your gold nugget,” said Pitch-Pine-Billy
    “How?” asked Constance in surprise.
    “You can hold a camp meeting.” “But there will be a twist!” “ Every miner will have to wear the same clothes they wore yesterday.”
    “I see,” said Jack now understanding Pitch-Pine-Billy’s plan.
    So they held a camp meeting, and everyone had to wear the same clothes as yesterday. That wasn’t hard for many people because they did not possess many clothes anyway.
    A miner wearing red striped was trying to hide in an uncomfortable position. Aunt Arabella saw the miner in the red striped pantaloons, trying not be seen.
    “Get him!” yelled Aunt Arabella.
    All the miners charged at the miner with the red striped pantaloons. Eventually, they got him. The miner was wearing a jipijapa hat. Jack took it off and was surprised to see who it was.
    “Cut-Eye Higgins!” exclaimed Jack, “I thought the miners hanged you after you broke out of jail!”
    Praiseworthy was- well, Praiseworthy about it. Aunt Arabella, Constance, and Sara knew about Cut-Eye Higgins because Jack and Praiseworthy had shared all their experiences with Cut-Eye Higgins with their family.
    Cut-Eye Higgins replied, “They never caught me!”
    “Where’s your cabin?” asked Jack, in a strict voice.
    “I’m not telling you!” said Cut-Eye Higgins.
    Ironically, it was right in front of them, and one miner opened the door.
    “Mrs., your gold nugget is here!” said the miner.
    The miner gave the nugget to Aunt Arabella.
    “Now what should we do with Cut-Eye Higgins?” asked one fat miner. Praiseworthy said, “Let’s put him in a jail.” “But not in Hangtown.” Everybody couldn’t agree more. Praiseworthy and his family got rich in the California Gold Rush.

    1. This is a great story, Anand! There's rising action, a conflict and a resolution. The conversation is excellent, and there are many connections with the book. I can see this as the next chapter, for sure!

  22. I think the second part of By The Great Horn Spoon! should be basic. I would have Jack, Praiseworthy, Aunt Arabella, Constance, and Sarah explore their area of California. Aunt Arabella will become an author, get married to Praiseworthy, and have a child named Xiaver. Praiseworthy will lose his habit of smoking, sell Aunt Arabella’s books, build a house by the river, and make sure Jack stays out of trouble. Jack will start becoming wilder, play pranks on Praiseworthy, learn to hunt from some Native Americans, and start attending school. Constance will start doing chores like washing clothes and making dinner; she will learn to write books, and learn to stich. Sarah will start looking for a job, try mining in, “ The Mother Lode” , and invent new ways to mine. In the family adventures around the river Jack is able to kill a bear, Aunt Arabella writes a best seller called, “ Times”. Praiseworthy’s book store goes across California attracting many. Constance makes her first pillow. Sarah gets a job a job at a merchantile, and Xiaver does typical two year old stuff like playing and sleeping.
    I want the second part of By The Great Horn Spoon. to be basic by being only the family’s adventures and less action.

    1. Interesting summary of the next part of the lives of our characters, Dylan. What is Aunt Arabella's book about? I'd love to read the adventure of Jack taking down a bear. You've told pieces that could all happen to the "Praiseworthy's."

  23. Chapter 19
    The Wedding

    It had been just over a week since Miss Arabella, Sarah, and Constance had arrived at the port of San Francisco. It had been a happy moment of hugs and cries. The most exciting part was they were now going to live the life of miners in the California gold rush. This had its ups and downs. Pretty much all of them were going to miss the estate for it was where Jack and his sisters had grown up. But, they were all excited at the prospect of starting a new life out in the diggings.

    “I have one pound of butter here,” yelled an auctioneer.

    “My price is ten. Ten, ten, ten. Have I got a buyer?” he called.

    Sounds like this rang out through the port.

    “So this is the San Francisco port,” murmured Constance.

    “You got that right!” said Jack, which scared little Constance and made her jump.

    “Watch it!” growled Constance. “You almost made me fall into a barrel!”

    “Stop it,” said Miss Arabella. “You are embarrassing me. The real problem is that we have no money. Your uncle Praiseworthy barely made enough money to afford us a hotel with the the left over cat savings.”

    “Don’t be so hard on them,” whistled Praiseworthy. “It is there first time here. Besides Jamoke Jack, none of them are used to life out here.”
    “But really kids, stop goofing off or I’ll take a hairbrush to you,” he said as he winked a Jack.

    In order to go back to the diggings, they had to make enough money to do it. That was their main problem right now, but Praiseworthy had an idea.

    “Kids, I think we ought to become auctioneers,” said Praiseworthy.

    Before anyone could speak he said, “Now, it is our only option. So none of you get mad or anything.”

    “Praiseworthy…” Aunt Arabella trailed.

    “Sounds great to me,” Jack cheered. “We could ask Mr. Azariah Jones if we could team up for a month or two.”

    “I’m up for it,” squealed Sarah.

    As soon as they found the auctioneer he immediately agreed to let them work with him until they made enough money to pay their fare to Hangtown. A couple weeks passed and in that time they had made a good one-hundred dollars.

    “Only a bit more. Then we shall have enough gold to pay for all of us to get to the diggings,” Praiseworthy said.

    One week went by. It went by very slowly, but very nicely for they made a good sixty more dollars.

    “Why, I believe we have done it,” said Jack. “It’s out to the diggings for us.”

    They thanked Mr. Azariah Jones for his help and quickly went to purchase tickets for the fare to Sacramento city. As they were boarding the riverboat, Jack noticed Aunt Arabella and Praiseworthy sitting down with Sarah and Constance. The plan was to have a quick wedding in Hangtown for Praiseworthy and Miss Arabella. Then, build a cabin and continue the search for gold. About five hours had past until they were all in Hangtown and greeted by their friends.

    “What brings you all back here?” questioned Quartz Jackson.

    “Me and my future wife are moving to Hangtown,” Praiseworthy said.

    “When is the wedding?” questioned Pitch Pine Billy.

    “Two days from now,” Sarah said.

    “Well isn’t that swell,” said Quartz Jackson.

    Two days later everyone was in line to see the wonderful wedding of Praiseworthy and Miss Arabella. Everyone was super excited that there was a lady in town and they all dressed up in there finest cloths. Jack could hardly wait. Once the ceremony was over there was a huge party to celebrate the newly beloved. There was grizzly meat and oysters at one table and dessert at another. Once the party was over they immediately set to work on building a home. It took almost one week but soon they had their new cabin.

    “We should probably start mining now!” Jack exclaimed.

    With all the money they made, they purchased two picks and three gold pans. Soon they were mining away! They were digging up mountains of gold and almost nothing when panning. But, all was well of course. One big happy family!

  24. Nice job, Michaela-You have some conflict, and you have a nice ending. There are many parts that hook back up to the book. I bet they were happy to be digging up mountains of gold!

  25. Epilogue
    As Jack walked up the long wharf with his family, he thought about their future working in the California gold fields and living in the cabin they were going to build next door to Quartz Jackson and his wife Hannah. When Jack's family got to Hangtown, Quartz Jackson ran out to meet them, announcing excitedly, "Hannah's had her baby! It's a boy!"

    "Wow!" said Praiseworthy, "Now you have a little family of your own. Let me introduce you to my wife, Arabella, my two nieces, Sarah and Constance, and my nephew, Jack, whom you already know."

    "Well, I expect you will be building a cabin right next to ours then," said Quartz Jackson happily.

    "Of course we will!" replied Praiseworthy.

    And they did. In other words, Praiseworthy and Quartz became close neighbors, and continued their already fond friendship for many years to come.

    1. I like the last line about the "already fond friendship." This is truly a "and they lived happily ever after" epilogue.

  26. Chapter 19:
    Show Me How

    “Well, now that we are together with a decision to stay, I guess we should get impatient with our pans,” Praiseworthy joked.
    “Oh? You're never impatient,” said Aunt Arabella.
    “Let’s go mining!” said Constance. “We can start-”
    She was interrupted by Sarah, who yelled, “NOW!!!”
    Later, Jack was showing his sisters and aunt how to mine. He was showing them the “ins and outs,” as he put it.
    “Well then, people, I’ll show you how,” said Jack. “Use your pans like this. Deft. Deft, like this. Yes, good one Constance. Like this, and then swish it around, not deft. Definitely not deft. No, not like that Sarah. More like this. No, that’s still wrong. Like this,”
    “No,” said Constance.
    “Really, she’s doing it right? Oh yeah… look, Praiseworthy! By the Great Horn Spoon, we struck it rich again!” exclaimed Jack.
    With the money they got from all their previous adventures, the team got three four-shooters (one for Aunt Arabella, one for Praiseworthy, and one for Jack because he lost his), four buckskin pouches (two for Constance and Sarah, one for Aunt Arabella, and one for Jack because his other one was full), a rocker (to use), and wood for a cabin.
    Jack had always known Sarah of the building type and not the mining type (no offence, Sarah) and so he let her build the cabin instead of mining for a few days.
    Everyone thought they were the most successful miners in Hangtown, and Jack and Praiseworthy liked it.
    “Hold on, gents!” exclaimed Pitchpine Billy. “Cut-Eye Higgins is back!”
    Shouts rang out. “What!?” “You mean he’s still here?” “He survived that whole mess?” “Are you crazy?” “Really?” “Huh,”
    Then, Jack saw, for a quick second, Cut-Eye Higgins’s silhouetted shadow.

    Chapter 20
    Going, Going, Gone

    “Hey look,” said Praiseworthy, searching all over town for the scoundrel. “There he is! Wait, nope…”
    “There you are!” yelled Jack. “Hold on, he's not there…”
    “Aha!” exclaimed Pitchpine Billy. “Wait, nope…”
    “Were we here before?” asked Constance.
    “Yes,” said Sarah.
    Later, they met in the middle. “He seems to be appearing and disappearing everywhere,” said Buffalo John.
    “And dragging us in circles,” added Jimmy From Town.
    “Hey, where's my wife?” asked Praiseworthy.
    “Right here,” said Jack’s aunt.
    The scoundrel was dragging them in circles as they split up again! But soon, someone caught him! It was Pitchpine Billy!
    “I caught the scoundrel!” said Pitchpine Billy. “I’m going to report him!”
    “Fine. Report me. I don't think I even have much power here anyways,”
    The Flagg family went back to being successful miners and went down as miner history!!!!!


    1. I like the return of Cut-Eye Higgins! Whatever happened to him, do you think?

  27. If I could write a second By the Great Horn Spoon, it would go like this.

    One day Jack woke up with a fright. he had a dream that cut-eye Higgins stole all of his gold. praiseworthy, aunt Arabella, Jack, Constance, and Sarah have found plenty of gold, so this made Jack frightened. he got out of bed to see if anyone else was awake. he went into Constance and Sarah's room and woke them up." Wake up! Wake up!" Said Jack. Sarah popped up.
    " What, I am trying to sleep!" exclaimed Sarah.
    " Lets start mining! get in your mining clothes and wake up Constance." Jack ran into his room and got ready to mine. next, he ran to Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella’s room. Jack knocked on the door and said," Wake up! It is time to start mining."
    Praiseworthy yawned and replied, " Give us one more minute."
    " Okay," said Jack. He ran next door to Pitch-pine Billy’s tent. Pitch-pine Billy was already mining .
    " Hello Jamoka Jack!" he exclaimed. Beans were cooking on the fire.
    " Hello," said Jack." Do you want to go coyote mining?"
    " No thanks," replied Pitch-pine Billy." How is the new cabin? "
    " Great!" exclaimed Jack." How are you doing? "
    " I am doing ok," replied Pitch-pine Billy. " Where is your family?"
    " Gettin' ready. They are so slow." Suddenly Praiseworthy, Aunt Arabella, Constance, and Sarah walked out of the cabin.
    " Are you ready to mine?" questioned Constance.
    "Ready as I’ll ever be!" exclaimed Jack.
    "Then we better start mining," said Praiseworthy.
    " Lets start mining! " exclaimed Jack, Constance, and Sarah.


  28. Chapter 19: Bandit Chase!

    “Hey!” yelled Jack. He was chasing a bandit who was trying to steal wood that Jack and Praiseworthy chopped down. Mrs. Arabella, Sara, and Constance were at the river, struggling to pan for gold. The bandit dropped half of the wood he stole while he was running. “You’ll never catch up to me!” said the bandit. Suddenly, a slim figure ran gracefully through the trees. Jack grinned. It was Praiseworthy. Praiseworthy quickly ran in front of the bandit. The bandit stopped. Then the bandit drew a pistol. “Don’t mess with me.” the bandit said aggressively. The bandit shot at Praiseworthy. The shot missed. Instead, it shot a wash pan Praiseworthy held. The shot hit the middle of the wash pan, protecting Praiseworthy. “Classic.” Jack thought. Praiseworthy smirked. Then remembering, Jack pulled out his four-shooter. The bandit dropped the wood and raised his hands. “Try to stop me again, because I ain’t a bandit for nothin’.” the bandit spat. The bandit ran away. Jack high-fived Praiseworthy. Praiseworthy high-fived back. “How was your day, Jack dear?” said Mrs. Arabella. “Good.” said Jack. Jack, Praiseworthy, Sarah, Constance, and Mrs. Arabella were at a restaurant. “Guess what?” exclaimed Sarah. “I got five gold flakes!” “I got four gold flakes.” said Constance. “We chased a bandit.” said Jack. “We did.” said Praiseworthy. “How dreadful!” Aunt Arabella said, laughing. Aunt Arabella was now married to Praiseworthy. They adopted Jack, Sarah, and Constance. They are a real family now. The family talked and laughed all through dinner.

    The End

    1. So, what happens to the bandit? Did he ever get caught? It sounds like a nice ending, unless the bandit returns!

  29. Epilogue:
    Striking it rich, again

    One warm fall afternoon, Jack and Praiseworthy sat on the porch of their newly-built house, on a hill overlooking Hangtown. They remembered their previous Gold Rush adventures without Sarah, Constance, or Aunt Arabella.
    Looking over the diggings gave Praiseworthy an idea.
    “Let’s go mining!” said Praiseworthy.
    “Okay!” said Jack
    They walked a mile away and started mining. They decided to coyote mine after staking another claim on a large hill that was also overlooking Hangtown, like their house. “I can just barely see our house from here” said Jack.
    One foot down, nothing. Two feet down, still nothing. Three feet down, even more nothing. Then the next day, all that changed.
    Jack and Praiseworthy headed to their new claim, dug one more foot and were astonished by what they saw. They headed back home to get the others. “Constance! Sarah! Aunt Arabella! Come on, hurry!” exclaimed Jack, “We’ll explain on the way!” They headed to the coyote hole with the others.
    It seemed as if they had found the whole mother lode of gold, or at least an eighth of it. They were all breathless.
    “Is that real?” Constance asked amazed.
    “Real as can be” said Praiseworthy.
    “Were rich!” exclaimed Jack.
    It was definitely gold. It was yellow, shiny, and in such a large group that it couldn't be pyrite. The fact that it was completely real made everyone there shout in glee. “By the great horn spoon!” shouted Jack and Praiseworthy. “ the great horn spoon!” the girls yelled. The shouts were heard by all of Hangtown.
    “You guys are still new to this, aren't you” said Jack. It had been a month since the girls had gotten there.
    “Yes we are” all the girls said at the same time.
    Soon, the claim was as busy as a beehive. Everybody was coming to see the humongous amount of gold. “Amazing find Bullwhip and Jamoka Jack!” exclaimed Pitch-pine Billy. “I wish I were that lucky” said Buffalo John. The miners that came to see it had named it the Flagg Lode, after the Flagg family. They were one of the richest families in California from their find and were remembered through gold rush history.
    The End
    -Dylan F

    1. Good story, Dylan. You created a piece that would fit right into the book. I like the Flagg Lode! Nice touch.

  30. The Next Chapter

    As the happy family walked along the streets of San Francisco
    Constance asked if they should make a big house.

    Praiseworthy said “We can’t make a big house but we could make a big cabin”.

    “Sounds fine” said Aunt Arabella.

    “Hmph!” grumped Constance. “I really wanted a big house!”.

    “ We can’t make a big house because the materials cost a lot of money and they are hard to find.” said Praiseworthy.

    “I have an idea!” said jack. “ Let’s go visit Pitch Pine Billy!”

    “Why that’s a splendid idea!” said Praiseworthy. “ You have a lot of money with you, right miss Arabella?

    “Why of course I do!” said Aunt Arabella.

    “Well let’s go buy three tents” said Praiseworthy. “One for Jack, one for Constance and Sara and one for Aunt Arabella and me.Well then let’s go in two groups. Aunt Arabella, Constance, and Sara will go and buy the three tents. In the meantime Jack and I will go buy soap, gold pans, pickaxes, shovels, candles, matches, and guns. Oh and buy the way, we will probably make a lot of money on miners coming to see you.”

    “Ok” said Aunt Arabella.

  31. “I’m pretty sure that Pitch Pine Billy will let us stay on his claim for a while.said Praiseworthy. Should we get something to eat at the diggings or here in San Francisco Let’s get something to eat at the diggings. It’s 2:37 now, so Let’s meet at the 4:00 river boat. That leaves us with an hour and twenty-three minutes to get the supplies. Let’s go.”

    An hour and eight minutes passed and they all met at the riverboat with fifteen minutes to go.

    I have a present for Jack, Constance, and Sara. Jack gets a four shooter and Constance gets a squirrel gun, and Sara get a squirrel gun.

    “A gun!” said Sara and Constance.

    “That's ok I Guess,” said Sara.

    “Yippee!” said Jack. “It’s an exact replica of the four shooter I lost in the bay because the captain was trying to beat his speed record.” he then grumbled.

    They then paid for boarding passes and got on the riverboat to get to the diggings. It was an thirteen hours and fifty minutes but then Constance and Sara, even Aunt Arabella were filled with questions.

    “ When will we get there? Will we make a lot of money? Is the california gold rush fun?” said Constance, Sara, and Aunt Arabella.

    “Slow down,” said Praiseworthy. “One at a time. Aunt Arabella is first.”
    “ Thank you. Will we make a lot of money?” said Aunt Arabella.

    “Of course we will!” Constance your next.”said Praiseworthy

    “Is the gold rush fun?”said Constance.

    “Sure is!” And last but not least it’s Sarah's turn. Said Praiseworthy.

    “When will we get to the diggings because i’m bored” said Sara.

    “ That’s a very good question” I will ask the captain to see how long it will be into we get to the diggings.”

    Praiseworthy walked up to the captains quarters and asked how long it would be until we got there. The captain said were there already. Praiseworthy then went back down to the deck and told Sarah that we are at the destination. They then went and got boarding passses for a stagecoach.

    “ What now?” said Aunt Arabella.

    Now we need to put some gold dust in my left glove pocket so if we run into any bandits that never heard of bullwhip. I can teach them a lesson.

    They then got on the stagecoach and in an hour and thirty seven-minutes they were at the diggings.

    “Let’s get something to eat and then you can meet Pitch Pine Billy. Constance, Sara and Jack will get bear steak.Aunt Arabella and me will share sowbelly and beans.”

    After a meal of bear steak, sowbelly, and beans they went and saw Pitch Pine Billy.

    “By the great horn spoon! I never thought I would see another lady in my life!”said Pitch Pine Billy.

    “We came to see if you would let us stay on your claim for a while.”said Praiseworthy.

  32. “Of course! Stay as long as you like!”said Pitch Pine Billy.

    “Thanks! Jack, go get Aunt Arabella, Sara, and Constance.”said Praiseworthy.

    “Got it!” said Jack.

    In five minutes Aunt Arabella, Sara, and Constance were at Pitch Pine Billy's claim.

    “Wow! You are the prettiest women I have ever seen.” said Pitch Pine Billy.

    “Thats a really sweet compliment,” said Aunt Arabella.

    “Thanks,”said Pitch Pine Billy.

    “Let’s get some rest for the big day tomorrow,”said Praiseworthy.

    They assembled the tent and went to bed. As they slept they dreamt of the big day of mining ahead of them.

    1. This is the true ending of the blog.

    2. That's a lot of text, Jackson. It sounds like they had a happy life at the end. What happened on their big day of mining?

  33. The Next Chapter In By The Great Horn Spoon!
    Jack and his family went back to their claim, they were going to start collecting wood so they could build a cabin.

    In the afternoon Jack and Praiseworthy introduced Aunt Arabella, Constance, and Sarah to the miners they met in Placerville.

    A lot of the miners were fond of Miss Arabella. Jack and Praiseworthy started teaching Aunt Arabella,Constance,and Sarah how to mine for gold.

    The next day the family collected enough wood to build a cabin,a table, beds,and two cradles.

    After they built the cabin Jack asked Praiseworthy,”Are you and Aunt Arabella going to get married soon.”Praiseworthy answered,”Yes,next Friday.”

    The family went on some errands, Aunt Arabella Was astonished about how much everything costed in the gold rush.

    8 Days Later
    “Today is the wedding!”Jack exclaimed. “I can’t believe it Jack, Praiseworthy is marrying Aunt Arabella today!”said Constance.

    The next day the family picked up all the tables and chairs from the wedding. Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella were happier than ever now that they were husband and wife.
    When the family mined Aunt Arabella stuck to gold panning and everyone else did the tougher types of mining.

    Jack thought that the rest of his life would be a magnificent life and so did everyone else.

    The End

    1. Great last line, Parker. It sounds like all went well for the family!

  34. Praiseworthy, Jack, Aunt Arabella, Constance, and Sarah took a boat ride back to hangtown to start teaching the ladies how to mine. “Ok, let’s get started!” said Constance. “Hold on a minute,” Praiseworthy chuckled. “Before we can start mining we’ll need to stake a claim.” “Well how do we do that?” asked Arabella. “Come on, follow me,” said Jack, “I’ll show you.” So the group looked for an open space to mine on, and within a half our they found a spot and staked their claim. “Now we’ve got ourselves a legal claim,”exclaimed Praiseworthy. “Now we can start mining,” So Jack and Praiseworthy taught the girls how to work a pan. “Why is that man staring at us?” Sarah asked suddenly. “Why that’s Pitch-pine Billy!” Jack shouted excitedly as he ran over to the man and gave him a hug. “He’s our friend from the digings” explained Praiseworthy. “He was staring at you because he was surprised to see ladies in the gold rush.” “As you might know, women are very rare around here.” “We struck it rich and then lost all of the gold in the harbor,” Jack said sadly. “Well I’m sorry to hear that, but I will gladly help you get all your gold back,” said Pitch-pine Billy. Since Jack and Praiseworthy had sold all of their things Pitch-pine Billy helped them out to buy new supplies. “Thank you so much Pitch-pine Billy,” said Jack, “We would’ve had to start all over again without you.” "No problem kid," said Pitch-pine Billy with delight. “Guess what Pitch-pine Billy?” asked Jack, “What?” asked Pitch-pine Billy, “Praiseworthy and Arabella are getting married!” said Jack happily, “That’s amazing,” said Pitch-pine Billy, “I’m so happy for you guys!” “When is it happening?” questioned Pitch-pine Billy. “We were thinking next week on Friday,” Praiseworthy answered, “would you like to come?” “Why, I’d be delighted,” Pitch-pine Billy replied cheerfully. And they lived happily ever after, getting all their gold back, plus more.

    1. Good Job Jerry! I like how you always had a happy setting

    2. Good ending for the book, Jeremiah. I wonder what adventures the group will have in the future.

  35. The Unknown Prospector

    “This is confusing, I should have at least seen one animal by now.”

    Jack was off doing the men’s work hunting, with Constance and Sarah. He was bewildered that he hadn’t found an animal by now.
    “Perhaps we’ll just eat beans again.”
    “No,” whined Constance,” Praiseworthy is supposed to be the polite, super well-mannered butler kind of person, so it’s just weird when he passes gas.”
    Just then there was a loud sound like an animal crashing through the underbrush. Jack got his four-shooter in position and held it steadily. But it was not what they expected. There was a miner in a red checkered T-shirt with a spotted bandana tied around his neck. His mountain canary cried in distress as Jack pointed his pistol at the miner.
    “Whoa, whoa! You pointing that thing at me!?”
    Jack found himself pointing a gun at an innocent miner. He immediately lowered his gun and apologized to prospector.
    “I’m sorry, is there anything I can do to help you?”
    “No, but what are you doing here?” the miner replied.
    Jack said to the unknown miner “My name is Jack and this is Constance and Sarah”, he said gesturing toward them with his hand,” We’re hunting something to eat for dinner.”
    The miner spoke again, “And what are you young ladies doing here? Females are very rare in California.”
    Sarah finally spoke up, “We are gathering lavenders and wild flowers for our new house. And mister, what is your name?”
    “The nickname is Rusty Nail”, said the prospector,” and my actual name is Kurt Conveyor. But just call me Rusty.”
    Rusty continued on,” Hey Sarah, I know of a place where you can pick as many flowers as you want.”

    Soon Sarah and was on the back of Rusty’s mountain canary going to the field of flowers where ever that was. He took of his bandana as he hitched the burro. It gave a cry of annoyance because Rusty interceded with his meal of hay. Right as they left Jack noticed something different about the Rusty’s ears. Then he knew. The miner had no ear lobe, he remembered something earlier in his adventures in Hangtown other miners would cut off the ears of a thief for punishment and also that if the miner went to a different mining town the miners there would know that he is a thief.
    “WAIT! Wait!” but that only made Rusty go faster. Jack couldn’t believe that he had let this happen.
    When Jack and Constance got home they told Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella about the situation. Afterwards Praiseworthy took Constance’s place and rode their newly bought burro, Loyal, to the chase.
    They followed the faint trace of Rusty’s mule’s footprints until they could slightly see him in the distance. He had stopped to let his mule eat. Praiseworthy yoked Loyal to a nearby tree. As they came near Rusty saw them and held up his pistol. He had kept bound of Sarah and tied a rag around her face to keep her from talking. His tone was completely different.
    He pointed his gun at them until he got back on his horse. He had a large advantage. Jack and Praiseworthy mounted Loyal again and followed Rusty but on the way Sarah fell off the mule and off the cliff because she was all tied up. The Unknown Prospector stopped and got caught. But sadly Sarah died. Jack and Praiseworthy got $1,000,000 for capturing the notorious Kurt Conveyor. The family learned to live with their sadness and whatever they bought with the money would be honored with the memory of Sarah. The family of Jack, Constance, Praiseworthy, and Aunt Arabella lived happily ever after.

    1. Oh no, death! I like that you have a conflict, Rayhan, as you've built an adventure. It's nice that if you killed a character, you have her honored as well.

  36. “You, too gentlemen!” “Ok, then,” responded Praiseworthy as he took some bread and butter and handed it to Jack. “You here to buy anything?” “9 eggs for 10$,” “Or you can have a pound of sugar for 1$” “No thank you,” responded Praiseworthy.

    “Well see you later then!” “Will come back another time!” shouted Praiseworthy as he left to the boat.

    “Let’s go back, shall we?” “Jack and I will teach you how to gold pan,” “Can’t wait!” squealed Sarah and Constance.

    They paid their passage again of 100$ and left to Hangtown. “We need to buy you some boots and gold pans,” realized Praiseworthy.
    “Let’s go to cheap john!” said Jack. “Who’s that?” asked Sarah. “An auctioneer, let’s go!” responded Praiseworthy.

    At cheap john, they got a deal of $50 for 2 pairs of boots and 2 pans and went straight to work. “Now here you have to work the pan and swish it around to get all the muck out and leave the color,” said Praiseworthy. “What’s color?” asked Constance. “It’s gold, you know, the yeller stuff,” replied Praiseworthy.

    “Now you put this in here…” “Wow! It’s really simple!” said Constance. “Actually, you might find nothing at all on your first try,” said Jack. “Well I bet I can!” said Sarah as she put on her boots and jumped into the water. “Not before me!” said Constance as she, too dived straight in.

    “Girls!” said Aunt Arabella. “Don’t be that way and get your skirts all wet! “Fine Aunt Arabella,” said Sarah as she started getting dirt and water into her pan. “One step ahead of ya’!” said Jack as he was already swishing the pan around.

    “That was a lot of work!” said Constance. “Yeah! Time for lunch,” agreed Sarah. “Well then let’s go!” said Praiseworthy.

    When they walked down the street again, yet another path cleared and they heard whispers all over. “That’s the new lady alright!” “Yep! I heard she gotta husband already,” “Yeah, I know him’! He’s Bullwhip!”

    When they sat at the table and looked at the menus, Constance and Sarah complained again!

    “Bear steak,” mumbled Constance. “Sowbelly and beans,” said Sarah. “That’s it?” said Constance. “Why so much bear meat?” wondered Sarah. “Worst menu variety ever!” said Constance and Sarah.

    After a horrid lunch of sowbelly and beans, Praiseworthy and Aunt Arabella started planning their wedding while the kids went gold panning.

    “Shall we have bear meat or sowbelly?” asked Praiseworthy. “Sowbelly,” responded Aunt Arabella. “ Should I wear my necktie?” asked Praiseworthy. “Of course,” replied Aunt Arabella. “What day?” asked Praiseworthy. “Tomorrow,” said Aunt Arabella. “Ok then,” said Praiseworthy.

    The next morning they went down the street of Hangtown as again a path cleared and murmurs burst everywhere. “There she is again!” “I’m going to be at her wedding,” “When is it?” “Today,”

    They went to breakfast to have more pancakes and a side of fruit. “What will we do today?” “The wedding,” said Praiseworthy. “Wow! Today?” exclaimed Jack. “Today,” said Aunt Arabella.

    Later that day they went on a stagecoach to San Francisco to have their wedding. “There’s the lady!” they heard. “I wanna get a good look at her,” “Did you bring your tie?” “I have two,” “Well, can I borrow one? I forgot mine,” “Of course!”

    “May the audience please rise?” asked the Ministry. The audience rose. “May the bride please walk up with the groom?” asked the Ministry. Aunt Arabella and Praiseworthy walked together up into the stage.

    “May the audience sit?” asked the Ministry. The audience sat. “The groom and bride will love, cherish and embrace each other while in marriage,” said the Ministry. “They will forever be together in love and be happy,” said the Ministry. “Do you each accept?”

    “I do,” said Aunt Arabella “I do as well,” said Praiseworthy.
    “You may now kiss the bride,” said the Ministry.

    The End

  37. Another Lady In Town!
    The first night of camping out in the gold fields was not too fun. Sarah had complained there were too many mosquitos. Constance said the sleeping spaces were too small. Praiseworthy said back to Constance they only had enough money for one tent.
    The next day, people started staring at Aunt Arabella, the eyes wide.
    “Why are the miners looking at Aunt Arabella?” asked Constance as miners created a path for the family to walk down the streets.
    “There are usually no women and children here” Praiseworthy whispered back.
    Then suddenly, a burst of murmurs came from a crowd that sounded like, “Another lady in town?” and “Why they’re popping up everywhere now!”
    “They sure seem excited to see Aunt Arabella,” said Constance. “That’s normal,” said Praiseworthy.
    Some miners stared at Constance, then Aunt Arabella, then Sarah. Right at that moment, A outbreak of shouts that meant “Another Lady!” and “I have a good feeling to put my necktie on now!”
    “Wow they really are acting up,” said Constance as they neared The Empire. “I’ll say,” agreed Sarah.

    “We’re here!” announced Jack as they stood at The Empire’s door. “We should go to the breakfast room,” said Praiseworthy. “Yeah, I’m starving!” agreed Jack. They went to the diner and looked at the menu.

    “This food sucks here!” complained Constance. “I know! Bear bacon?! There’s no such thing!” agreed Sarah. “Well, you can get pancakes replied Praiseworthy.

    “I know but 5 dollars? That’s very expensive, remarked Sarah. “We have more than enough money,” replied Praiseworthy. “Ok, then, pancakes,” said Constance.

    After a yummy breakfast of Blueberry pancakes with whipped cream, they went to visit their old friend Mr. Azariah Jones. They paid their admission of 100$ and went to San Francisco.
    “Please tell the captain not to put the pressure too high,” said Praiseworthy. “Will do, sir!”

    When they got to San Francisco, they came across Pitch-Pine-Billy. “Hello, Pitch-Pine-Billy” greeted Jack. “Hello! Oh my you’ve got a lady with you!” replied PitchPine-Billy. “Nothing out of the ordinary,” said Praiseworthy.

    “Where are you going?” “To see one of our old friends, Mr.Azariah Jones,” “See you later then!”

    “Dad, why are we spending a lot of money?” asked Constance. “Dad? I’d never thought you’d call me that,” said Praiseworthy. “Well you are our stepdad,” said Sarah. “Can you just answer my question?” said Constance. “We are celebrating your arrival,” replied Praiseworthy.

    “Good day Mr. Azariah Jones!” said Praiseworthy when they stepped next to his store. “Good day!” Mr. Azariah Jones responded. “Have some bread and butter!” “Will do,” said Constance and Sarah as they took some bread and butter. “Hello, Madam would you like some too?” “Why yes, if you please,” responded Aunt Arabella. She took some bread and butter.

    1. You wrote a lot, Brian. You have a good story to close out the book! You added several pieces from the original story and used them well.

  38. I think that if there was another chapter in By The Great Horn Spoon, it would go a little something like this…
    Praiseworthy, Aunt Arabella, Jack, Sarah, and Constance will decide to settle in the foothills of California. Praiseworthy and Jack will find a good piece of land, with a stream and build a house. Praiseworthy and Jack are able to get some farm animals and buy another mule. After awhile the farm animals were producing enough goods to start selling them to other miners in the area. Aunt Arabella and the girls enjoyed the daily life on the farm and selling the goods to the miners. Praiseworthy knew Aunt Arabella could handle the business so he decided it was time to start searching and mining for gold again. Praiseworthy and Jack packed up the mule with supplies and headed out to search for gold. Not long into the journey they ran into a bear. Jack tried shooting the bear with the four-shooter, but it was useless. The bear became mad and started charging after them. They knew if they just stood there, they might die. So they ran for their lives! “BOOM” a loud gunshot rang out of nowhere! Jack shuddered and saw the bear was down. Praiseworthy and Jack were so relieved to see the bear shot. They quickly tried to hide in a bush not knowing where and how the bear was shot. Out from the tree, came Cut Eye Higgins with his trusty new shotgun. Jack was so surprised to see that the “cut-purse” who stole their money, just saved their lives. Praiseworthy was very grateful to Cut Eye for saving their lives. Jack decided it was best to let go of what happened in the past and that they should become partners and friends with Cut Eye. They invited Cut Eye Higgins to live on their farm. Cut Eye Higgins showed Praiseworthy and Jack his favorite places to mine. They were not having much luck finding gold. Much of the area was already mined or just dry. After a few weeks of coming up dry they decided it would be best to hunt and start a fur trapping company. They called it P.J. Higgins Fur & Co. The hunt for bears, raccoons, and rabbits was a huge success. The business was booming and they became notorious for having the best fur trapping company in the foothills. With all their successes they were able to buy better weapons and more animals for the farm to continue their wealth. They all went on to live happy, healthy, and successful lives.

    1. Good ideas, Andrew. I like the surprise where the antagonist becomes the protagonist and everyone is friends at the end. Great idea of having them venture into a fur trapping company. Nice job!

  39. Chapter 19 The Wedding

    Jack stared at Bullwhip and Aunt Arabella getting hitched. Bullwhip knew this moment would come, so he had beautiful flowers for Arabella. Arabella had said yes to his proposal when he brought her an engagement ring. At that moment Jack felt pride, joy, and yet a little disgust. Jack was too young to understand weddings and felt slightly uncomfortable when they kissed. The girls started gagging.

    “Eeewww,” Constance and Sarah both said at the same time.

    “I said I’d give a hair-brush to you!” exclaimed Bullwhip jokingly. This made the girls instantly stop.

    The happy moment made Jack forget about the pieces of boats and gold that sank to the bottom of the San Francisco Bay. It was a lovely time and mood at that moment. There were flowers being tossed in the air, and flowers being given to everyone.

    “I got your letters,” said Aunt Arabella to Jack.

    “You did?” questioned Jack.

    “Yes, your enthusiastic ventures seemed a little dangerous, especially for someone your age,” commented Aunt Arabella.

    “Yes you’re right, they were pretty risky,” replied Jack.

    “We make a fine team, Jamoka Jack,” Bullwhip said with a funny tone in his voice.

    “I wouldn’t disagree myself, Bullwhip,” Jack said with the same odd tone.

    Later that evening, Aunt Arabella and Bullwhip purchased a new mansion for $343. The monumental three story, four bedroom mansion was filled with seven beds, furniture, a Dutch oven, a kitchen, three outhouses. Along with Aunt Arabella and Bullwhip, Jamoka Jack, Constance, Sarah, and the maid filled the home. There was still $57 left from the cat sale money after buying the mansion. With $9 of the cat money, Bullwhip bought a new four-shooter revolver for Jack and a pistol for himself. Jack he had missed having a gun at his side. Jack had recently let his gun sink to the bottom of the San Francisco Bay and it made him happy to have a gun back. Jack felt whole again like a miner, but with a new gun and a new mama.


    Bullwhip, Aunt Arabella, Jack, Constance, and Sarah lived together with the maid, but Bullwhip was no longer the butler because he was now married to Arabella.

    Jack was able to complete and publish a law-book he had been working on since he was 13. Jack wrote this book because he wanted to change the laws that kept the Chinese and other non-whites from staking their own claims and being treated unfairly. He was never a fan of those racist laws and wanted to see them eliminated so he decided to become a lawyer. Thanks to Jack, when he graduated from law school, he was able to get those laws eliminated!! Now anyone who wanted to mine for gold was free to stake a claim and that made Jack feel good about himself and how far he had come.


    1. This is great, Mahdi! I love that Jack got California laws changed! Nice touch-

  40. Chapter 19

    As the joyful family strolled down the street to get tickets to get on the riverboat for a ride back to the diggings, many astounded men were looking at Constance, Sarah, and Aunt Arabella. When they got the tickets for the riverboat they encountered Quartz Jackson.

    Quartz Jackson asked “ who are these kin.”

    “ This is my fiance, Miss Arabella” Praiseworthy answered looking at Aunt Arabella, “this is Constance and Sarah.

    “Mr. Quartz Jackson taught us how the Sonorians used to mine. Since they did not use water to mine it was called dry washing” Jack said. They then got on the riverboat going to the diggings.

    Quartz Jackson then got on the boat because he needed to get back to his missus and then Jack asked Quartz Jackson “Did you get your tickets.”

    “Yes, I got them long time ago,” replied Quartz Jackson.

    As the riverboat moved slowly towards the water Aunt Arabella said “It is a delight meeting you.” As the boat seemed to get quicker than ever it appeared to Jack that it was three years because he was not doing anything except staring into the water. They all got off the boat and then Praiseworthy asked Quartz Jackson, “Can all of us stay with you until we build our own house.”

    “Yes,” responded Quartz Jackson.

    They headed to Quartz Jackson’s home until they built their own cabin. Jack then started to teach Constance and Aunt Arabella how to pan while Sarah was sleeping

    without bugs biting her. Praiseworthy and Quartz Jackson were cooking food for all of them. Aunt Arabella, and Constance learned very quickly how to pan so Jack took them out to hunt for a Jackrabbit but, they did not find one so they headed back home. When they got home they could not find anyone. Praiseworthy and Quartz Jackson went to buy wood to build the cabin and then Jack figured out where they might be and he found them but before they went to look for them they also woke Sarah up and she learned to pan already because Praiseworthy had taught her. They found Praiseworthy and Quartz Jackson and as Jack thought they were going to be.

    Aunt Arabella then said “Why did you go without telling us.”

    “We thought you all knew” said Quartz Jackson

    They all returned home and ate food. Then Praiseworthy and Jack started building cabin. It wasn’t long before the cabin was perfectly built. So the family went to sleep. The next morning Praiseworthy woke up in a surprise. His poke was not on his jeans! Praiseworthy knew it had to be Cut-Eye Higgins. Praiseworthy woke everyone up including Quartz Jackson. They all started looking for the scoundrel. They found the rascal cutpursing other people in the crowd.

    “What a surprise to see you,” said Cut-Eye Higgins.

    “We thought you stopped doing this,” said Praiseworthy.

    “The punishment is hanging,” said Jack, “we will report you immediately.”

    They reported the scoundrel and as Jack said the punishment for cutpursing is hanging and so, Cut-Eye Higgins got hanged. The rest of the town was now living happily with no thiefs around. So they all went mining because they were not worried anymore. Jack then yelled “By The Great Horn Spoon!” then everyone came running over, they all asked what it was and then he said he found a gold nugget. The family struck it rich again and were living happily in the diggings and Jack was happier than ever.

    1. I like that you built in some conflict, Khadija. Your story has some adventure which adds more interest to it.

  41. In the story “By The Great Horn Spoon” in my thinking of what would happen in chapter 18 would be like this....

    Praiseworthy, Jack, Aunt Arrebella,Sara and Constance were walk the streets of San Fransico when suddenly some random person yells “Is that you Praiseworthy?” Praiseworthy then turned around looking confused. He did not recognize him with all the dirt on his face. After a couple moments he said “I’m sorry but I do not know who you are.” And Praiseworthy continued walking. The man then yells “Praiseworthy I’m your brother John!” And takes his hat off.
    Praiseworthy turned around with the look of shock on his face. He went to John, hugged him and introduced him to his new family. John was happy to learn Praiseworthy was married and had a new family.
    They all continued walking the streets of San Francisco talking and laughing.

    1. I like the idea of a new brother introduced into the story. It makes a reader wonder who else is out there as an unknown relative.