Sunday, May 21, 2017

5 Sentence Blog

"I never knew words could be so confusing," Milo said to Tock as he bent down to scratch the dog's ear. 

"Only when you use a lot to say a little," answered Tock.

Milo thought this was quite the wisest thing he'd heard all day. 

-Norton Juster in The Phantom Tollbooth

In this, the final blog of the year, you get to tell the world anything you want about fourth grade. We have done a lot this year: we've spent a week in the woods, we've been underground twice, we visited the site of the gold discovery that kicked off the world's biggest voluntary migration of people, and we've visited internees from the Japanese Internment Camps. We've read awesome literature, had amazing discussions about the books, and we got to visit with the author of our first book. We've played a couple of games where we learned about mathematical problem solving and the California Gold Rush. We've created media for the world to learn from us, and we've entertained the community with incredible hands-on science. You have also created some incredible structures with Keva planks and K'Nex. We've also laughed a lot along the way. Those events are just a handful of the highlights of this school year. 

You get to pick anything about fourth grade that you wish to tell a reader, except for the California Gold Rush. That topic has been amply covered. The challenge, though, is to follow the message in Tock's advice to Milo: you only get a few words to say a lot; Faintly Macabre comes to mind here, too. You have FIVE sentences to tell your reader about your chosen topic. The power of your sentences needs to be strong in order to fully tell your reader what you want to say. Choose wisely!