Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hardships: the Iditarod vs. the California Gold Rush

During a recent discussion of Woodsong, it was stated that one of the big ideas was that the Iditarod has many hardships. Following that, the question was asked if the California Gold Rush had more hardships. For this blog, give your opinion on the following:

What had more hardships, the California Gold Rush or the Iditarod? 

Carefully compare the two events. Use the information from Gary Paulsen’s Iditarod experience and our gold rush study to make your decision. Be sure that you have support for your ideas and use multiple examples to prove your big idea. 

You need to have a solid opinion statement, followed with supporting evidence including your thinking, and then a conclusion that strongly restates your opinion. Your overall task is to convince your readers of the opinion you have. 

We are nearing the end of the school year, so this post should have excellent spelling, conventions and powerful vocabulary so that your ideas come screaming through the writing!

Let’s get a good discussion going on this topic! Comment on each other’s thoughts; disagree with the ideas that are against your opinion, and support the ideas that are in agreement with yours.