Saturday, January 7, 2017

Life as a California Gold Miner

You have read a book about the California Gold Rush, and you've participated in a simulation about the same topic. You have heard a lot of fate cards and will continue to hear more. We toured Coloma and a great deal of information was given out on that day. You also had a tour of Old Sacramento where you learned about the gold rush era. At the beginning of the simulation, many of you said you would not want to be a gold miner in the 1850s, but do you still feel that way?

Your job in this blog is to write about the life of a California Gold Miner in the 1850s. Think of what your Big Idea would be and then support that idea with details to prove your idea. Think of all the work we have done about the gold rush, and reflect on what it would be like to be a miner during the gold rush. If you'd like, you may tell whether you would like to have been in the gold rush; be sure that you support that opinion, too. 

Write with good conventions: no sentence structure errors! Be sure to edit your work before you publish it as once it is online, it stays there. Give good thought to the prompt and come up with ideas that no one else will develop. Think of your audience: other fourth graders around the country who are learning about the California Gold Rush. Be sure you teach them something.