Saturday, May 14, 2016

Your Turn!

All year long, you've written blogs on a specific prompt. Now, it's your turn to write about something you want to say. Your job in this post is to think back over the year and pick out a topic about which you would like to write. The topic has to be related to our class and school, but you can select anything you want to tell about and then let everyone know your thoughts. You can select a trip or two that you liked, or maybe there was a study that you liked a lot and you want to tell about that. We met the author of one of our books this year, and we've created projects on a number of topics. You even made a webpage about Westminster Woods this year!  Science Night is a big event; maybe you want to tell about that! We have even gotten almost 10,000 hits on this blog this year from all over the world. That is quite an accomplishment! We have had some interesting discussions throughout the year, and there have been humorous times as well. Whatever you choose, it's up to you to decide what you want to say about it.

Be sure that you use good spelling, good conventions and your usual great ideas to tell people what you want with regard to a topic in this year's class. Support your opinions with strong ideas! This is your final post: make it your best!

And, well, you know-let's comment on each other's ideas, like we always do!