Saturday, April 23, 2016

Woodsong Review

Now that we have completed the reading of Gary Paulsen’s book Woodsong, it’s your turn to tell the world what you think about the book. We have read gory details, humorous details, adventurous details and true life details. 

What do you think about the book? 

What do you think about the writing style of Gary Paulsen? 

Are there parts you especially liked or parts you really didn’t like? Explain your opinion. 

Did you like the memoir genre? 

The questions above are just ideas. You get to write anything about the book that you want to tell. You have to be sure that you have evidence for your opinion because an opinion without support means very little. 

Create a strong piece of writing that lets people know what you think about the book. Use good spelling, conventions and correct paragraphing. Give this some thought and produce a piece you will be proud to have others read. As always, let’s comment on each other’s work and get a great discussion going about Gary Pauslen’s book, Woodsong