Wednesday, October 5, 2016

California Caverns

We just completed our trip to California Caverns where we got to explore several rooms full of speleothems! At one point, we were 150 feet underground in the coolness of 53˚ temperatures. We got to experience complete darkness and lighting from the Gold Rush era. We were surrounded by calcite and limestone, which we have studied in class. We squeezed through tight spaces, and saw things that could only exist under the ground. Hopefully, everyone found some great gems during their gemstone mining time, too. 

Tell the world about California Caverns:

What was it like for you there? 

What did you enjoy? 

What was something that amazed you? 

What did you learn there? 

Was there something that you didn't like? 

These questions are just some ideas to get you started. You can write about anything you'd like about California Caverns. 

Create a post with a strong opening sentence to get your reader interested. Add some exceptional details and try to get your reader excited about California Caverns just by reading your blog. Remember to keep an eye on good spelling and conventions. Let's eliminate the run-ons! 

Get descriptive, add good thoughts, and teach people from all over the world about California Caverns!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

What would you create?

It's the first blog of the year!

For your first blog of the year, your task is to be creative and innovative. If you could create anything in the world that would do anything you would like it to do, what would you create?

Your challenge is to think of something that you would love to see in this world. Tell the world what it is, explain how it would work and tell us why you would want that item. Of course, if there is anything else you'd like to tell us, please do so. Remember: you are writing for an audience that is all over the world!

Your writing will be scored on how well you clearly communicate your ideas. Be sure not to leave any unanswered questions for your reader. You will also be scored on the strength of your spelling and your ability to write with strong conventions (capitalization, punctuation, grammar and good sentence structure). 

Make your blog post interesting so that everyone who reads it will want what you have created. Once you have posted, be sure to see what others are creating too, and comment on their ideas. All comments are to be encouraging, but if you have a question about their item, be sure to ask it! 

Have fun, get creative and let's see that room 15 innovation at work!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Your Turn!

All year long, you've written blogs on a specific prompt. Now, it's your turn to write about something you want to say. Your job in this post is to think back over the year and pick out a topic about which you would like to write. The topic has to be related to our class and school, but you can select anything you want to tell about and then let everyone know your thoughts. You can select a trip or two that you liked, or maybe there was a study that you liked a lot and you want to tell about that. We met the author of one of our books this year, and we've created projects on a number of topics. You even made a webpage about Westminster Woods this year!  Science Night is a big event; maybe you want to tell about that! We have even gotten almost 10,000 hits on this blog this year from all over the world. That is quite an accomplishment! We have had some interesting discussions throughout the year, and there have been humorous times as well. Whatever you choose, it's up to you to decide what you want to say about it.

Be sure that you use good spelling, good conventions and your usual great ideas to tell people what you want with regard to a topic in this year's class. Support your opinions with strong ideas! This is your final post: make it your best!

And, well, you know-let's comment on each other's ideas, like we always do!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Woodsong Review

Now that we have completed the reading of Gary Paulsen’s book Woodsong, it’s your turn to tell the world what you think about the book. We have read gory details, humorous details, adventurous details and true life details. 

What do you think about the book? 

What do you think about the writing style of Gary Paulsen? 

Are there parts you especially liked or parts you really didn’t like? Explain your opinion. 

Did you like the memoir genre? 

The questions above are just ideas. You get to write anything about the book that you want to tell. You have to be sure that you have evidence for your opinion because an opinion without support means very little. 

Create a strong piece of writing that lets people know what you think about the book. Use good spelling, conventions and correct paragraphing. Give this some thought and produce a piece you will be proud to have others read. As always, let’s comment on each other’s work and get a great discussion going about Gary Pauslen’s book, Woodsong

Monday, February 22, 2016

Japanese Internment During World War II

As always, write clear ideas, use good spelling and strong conventions and create a piece of writing that will fully interest your reader. Of course, let's comment on each other's work!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tour of Old Sacramento

We have toured Old Sacramento above ground and below ground. You got to hear many stories of our city's past. Some of the stories were comical while others showed important building blocks for the state capital.

For this piece of writing, tell the story you liked the best. Give a summary of the story so that someone who has never heard it will understand what happened. Then, explain why you liked that one the best. What about that story appealed to you? Explain, in depth, your reasons as to why you enjoyed that piece of our history.

Your audience is 3-5 graders who are studying the community, the state and the country. Write your post so that people in that age range will enjoy reading your information. As always, use good spelling and conventions, and leave no unanswered questions.

This would be a good blog for us to comment on. Hopefully, you write such good information that many people will respond to your post. Have fun telling about the crazy past of Sacramento!