Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Adventures of Pearley Monroe Multimedia Projects

Our Thinglink projects are done! The fourth graders wrote Thinglink projects based on the topics suggested in the book The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. The students chose their teams, selected a topic and then began researching. They found videos and images to accentuate their topic and wrote all their own text. The goal was to create a presentation of information that would teach 4-6 graders about California and United States history. 

Follow the link below to view our project. Please feel free to comment on the projects through this blog. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How was it getting to California?

The ways to get to California during the gold rush

Now that all of the teams have successfully made the journey to Golden Gulch, tell the world what it was like to travel to California during the era of the gold rush. You have your team's story, but you also heard other teams' stories. What is your opinion of traveling to California for the chance to strike it rich? Give your opinion to start your blog and then provide your own thinking based on the stories you heard to support your big idea. Different groups had different experiences, so be sure to think of the multiple perspectives of this blog post. Be sure you write with good spelling and conventions. The purpose of this blog is to teach others who read it about the task of getting to California during the gold rush.

Your team will earn gold nuggets for this post, so think hard about what you wish to tell your readers.

4th Graders-watch out for the use of the word "you".  

Think of who the writing is actually about!