Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Good Luck Kyle!

Our new friend Kyle left DPM. We wish him nothing but the best, and we enjoyed our time with him in our class. Fourth graders-if you have a message for Kyle, please post it here. 

We wish Kyle good luck-We know he will be successful at his new school! We will miss him in our classroom. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Your Favorite Part

We have just completed the reading of The Adventures of Pearley Monroe by Marci Seither. We have had great discussions, answered a lot of questions and analyzed the text thoroughly. Now, it is your turn to tell the world about the book. 

Quite simply, what is your favorite part of the book? Give a description of the part of the book you liked the best. Then, explain to your reader why you liked that part the best. You can select any portion of the book you'd like. Be sure that you clearly tell everyone a bit about the section you have chosen and then give good reasons as to why you liked that part. Leave no unanswered questions in your post!

Make sure that you check your work for good spelling and grammar. As always, let's comment on each other's posts in a positive and supportive way. Let the world know about The Adventures of Pearley Monroe!