Monday, August 31, 2015

Native Californians and the Missions

After reviewing the information about the Native Californians and the missions, it is your turn to tell the world what you think. The questions you need to answer are these:

Was it good for the Native Americans to live in the missions?

Was life in the missions ethical?

Be sure to state your opinion for each question. Then, gather your supporting details to prove your point of view. Leave no unanswered questions for the reader. A good essay will state your opinions firmly and then provide such support that the reader will have no choice but to believe your point of view. Load up the proof for your opinion, choose words that will pound your point home and be prepared to answer any challenges that anyone posts in response. 

You can write this as one or two paragraphs. It might be best to have two paragraphs, one for each question. Also, check your writing for good spelling and good conventions (capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure and correct word usage). Keep in mind that your work will be online and readers from all over the world can read your ideas. Once you post your work, you won't be able to edit it. 

Use the information from your textbook. If you wish, you may also do some light research online to find other ideas to use. 

Be sure that you read other blogs and post a reply to it! It's always great when someone replies to something you have written!