Sunday, February 8, 2015

Human Decency

At the end of Number the Stars, a letter from captured Resistance Fighter Kim Malthe-Bruun urged that people fight for a world of human decency. Decency can be defined as:

polite, ethical and honest behavior and attitudes that show respect for other people

Lois Lowry, author of Number the Stars, ends her book by hoping that her story will remind us that a world of human decency is possible. 

We have read and analyzed Number the Stars, you’ve listened to Journey to Topaz and you’ve participated in the Time of Remembrance program at the California Museum. We have studied the California Gold Rush and we’ve read about how slavery can impact people’s lives in The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. Think about the idea of human decency in all those topics. 

In this blog, give your ideas of what a world of human decency would look like. If the world has human decency, what would it be like? Give your big idea, and then support that idea with examples as details of what you think that world would be like. 

Lastly, what can you do as a citizen of your community that will allow the possibility of a world of human decency come to life, as Lois Lowry says is possible and Kim Malthe-Bruun challenged people to create? Give some ideas that you can do to make the world a decent place. Your actions need not be something on a global scale, but could even be something you can do within the community of room 15! 

Please comment on each other's posts; that shows you're thinking about each others' ideas!