Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Adventures of Pearley Monroe Multimedia Projects

Our Thinglink projects are done! The fourth graders wrote Thinglink projects based on the topics suggested in the book The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. The students chose their teams, selected a topic and then began researching. They found videos and images to accentuate their topic and wrote all their own text. The goal was to create a presentation of information that would teach 4-6 graders about California and United States history. 

Follow the link below to view our project. Please feel free to comment on the projects through this blog. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How was it getting to California?

The ways to get to California during the gold rush

Now that all of the teams have successfully made the journey to Golden Gulch, tell the world what it was like to travel to California during the era of the gold rush. You have your team's story, but you also heard other teams' stories. What is your opinion of traveling to California for the chance to strike it rich? Give your opinion to start your blog and then provide your own thinking based on the stories you heard to support your big idea. Different groups had different experiences, so be sure to think of the multiple perspectives of this blog post. Be sure you write with good spelling and conventions. The purpose of this blog is to teach others who read it about the task of getting to California during the gold rush.

Your team will earn gold nuggets for this post, so think hard about what you wish to tell your readers.

4th Graders-watch out for the use of the word "you".  

Think of who the writing is actually about!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Good Luck Kyle!

Our new friend Kyle left DPM. We wish him nothing but the best, and we enjoyed our time with him in our class. Fourth graders-if you have a message for Kyle, please post it here. 

We wish Kyle good luck-We know he will be successful at his new school! We will miss him in our classroom. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Your Favorite Part

We have just completed the reading of The Adventures of Pearley Monroe by Marci Seither. We have had great discussions, answered a lot of questions and analyzed the text thoroughly. Now, it is your turn to tell the world about the book. 

Quite simply, what is your favorite part of the book? Give a description of the part of the book you liked the best. Then, explain to your reader why you liked that part the best. You can select any portion of the book you'd like. Be sure that you clearly tell everyone a bit about the section you have chosen and then give good reasons as to why you liked that part. Leave no unanswered questions in your post!

Make sure that you check your work for good spelling and grammar. As always, let's comment on each other's posts in a positive and supportive way. Let the world know about The Adventures of Pearley Monroe!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Native Californians and the Missions

After reviewing the information about the Native Californians and the missions, it is your turn to tell the world what you think. The questions you need to answer are these:

Was it good for the Native Americans to live in the missions?

Was life in the missions ethical?

Be sure to state your opinion for each question. Then, gather your supporting details to prove your point of view. Leave no unanswered questions for the reader. A good essay will state your opinions firmly and then provide such support that the reader will have no choice but to believe your point of view. Load up the proof for your opinion, choose words that will pound your point home and be prepared to answer any challenges that anyone posts in response. 

You can write this as one or two paragraphs. It might be best to have two paragraphs, one for each question. Also, check your writing for good spelling and good conventions (capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure and correct word usage). Keep in mind that your work will be online and readers from all over the world can read your ideas. Once you post your work, you won't be able to edit it. 

Use the information from your textbook. If you wish, you may also do some light research online to find other ideas to use. 

Be sure that you read other blogs and post a reply to it! It's always great when someone replies to something you have written!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

What will you remember about 4th grade?

The school year is rapidly coming to a close. We have had so many experiences this year from field trips to hands-on activities to interesting conversations to just plain fun. We've read great literature, had a couple of sessions with the author of one of our books, played some great games, and done some incredible projects. We've been underground (twice!), stood inside redwoods, explored science exhibits in San Francisco, and visited with Internment camp survivors. There are so many more . . . what would you like to say about your fourth grade school year? Think back over the year, pick a topic, and tell what you think about it. You can write about anything you'd like!

Be sure that you have good ideas, that you have support and evidence for what you are writing and that you develop your piece. Check the spelling and conventions, post the blog and see what comments you receive!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Is the Iditarod ethical?

We have read Gary Paulsen’s account of preparing for and taking part in the 1,049 mile long Iditarod race in Alaska. We have also read two articles about the race with respect to the treatment of dogs. Those articles are:

Using the prompt of ethics, what do you think about the running of the dogs in the Iditarod. Think of how Paulsen’s dogs reacted to the race and think of the two articles we read. You may research further, if you wish. 

Write your blog post explaining your ideas about using dogs to run the Iditarod. Your big idea should be your opinion, and then offer many details as proof of your big idea. Be sure you edit for spelling and conventions to make your post as clean as possible. Remember, people all over the world are reading your work! This is an opinion piece, so if you feel strongly, develop ideas that will stick with your reader. Convince your reader of you side of the issue. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Human Decency

At the end of Number the Stars, a letter from captured Resistance Fighter Kim Malthe-Bruun urged that people fight for a world of human decency. Decency can be defined as:

polite, ethical and honest behavior and attitudes that show respect for other people

Lois Lowry, author of Number the Stars, ends her book by hoping that her story will remind us that a world of human decency is possible. 

We have read and analyzed Number the Stars, you’ve listened to Journey to Topaz and you’ve participated in the Time of Remembrance program at the California Museum. We have studied the California Gold Rush and we’ve read about how slavery can impact people’s lives in The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. Think about the idea of human decency in all those topics. 

In this blog, give your ideas of what a world of human decency would look like. If the world has human decency, what would it be like? Give your big idea, and then support that idea with examples as details of what you think that world would be like. 

Lastly, what can you do as a citizen of your community that will allow the possibility of a world of human decency come to life, as Lois Lowry says is possible and Kim Malthe-Bruun challenged people to create? Give some ideas that you can do to make the world a decent place. Your actions need not be something on a global scale, but could even be something you can do within the community of room 15! 

Please comment on each other's posts; that shows you're thinking about each others' ideas!