Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mineral Identification

We will use Todays Meet to discuss the identification of mineral #3. Click on the link below to access our discussion room. Once you get to the room, sign in with your name and your partner's name. Then, answer the following question:

What is mineral #3? Give your best proof to support your claim. 

If you see ideas come to the discussion that you want to agree with or disagree with, you may do so. Be sure you do so politely and that you have reasons to agree or disagree. 

The link to Today's Meet is:

The room is closed-thank you for your input, fourth graders!

After a bit of time to state your claims, we will examine the information and identify mineral #3. 

Have fun!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Visit with Marci Seither

Authors have messages for their readers within their books. We were lucky to have met the author of our first literature book, The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. Author Marci Seither took a great deal of time to talk with us, and she answered many questions about her book, writing in general, and she even provided some nice pieces of wisdom that we can use in our day to day lives.

Your task in this prompt is to tell what you think the Big Idea was that Marci was trying to tell you. What was her message to you? What do you think she wanted you to learn by having her come to our class? There are many big ideas that she presented, but which one do you think is the biggest and best?

Create a paragraph, not 1-2 sentences, and explain what you think her message was to you. Your first sentence should state your big idea. Your remaining sentences should tell how you got that idea from her or how that idea will benefit you in your life.

Be sure you check your spelling and conventions; using a word processor and saving the work is a good idea! Make your paragraph something that people will want to read and then think about.

If you have a comment to what someone said, by all means, give that comment to that blogger!