Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Loss of Baby Rose

We have just completed the reading of chapter 7 in The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. The family has experienced the loss of baby Rose. The story is true about baby Rose, and the events happened as told by Marci Seither. 

Your job is to create a blog post about that event. You may write about all of the following or focus on one piece of the following:

  • As a reader, what did you think about the loss of the baby? What was its impact on you?

  • How do you think the event will impact Pearley and his family?

  • What did you think about the way the story of the baby's death was told? Examine the author's writing style and tell your opinion of how you learned, from the author, of the event.

Be sure that you not only give your opinions, but also have reasons to support your opinions. Try to develop unique ideas that will give the reader something to think about. Check your spelling and conventions before you post your piece. If you choose to write about more than one of the topics, each topic needs to be its own small paragraph. 

As always, please comment away on each other's posts.