Sunday, February 9, 2014

We have completed three literature studies so far this year. The books has some common aspects to them, but they tell different stories. For this post, tell your audience which of the three is your favorite. In your post, give the title of the book you like best and then support your opinion with good supporting details. You might want to discuss any of the following:

  • the plot of the story
  • the characters in the book
  • the concepts in the book
  • the theme of the book
  • the mood of the book
  • the author's writing style 

Feel free to discuss any of those or something else you liked about the book. This is your chance to give your opinion, so base it on what you enjoyed about the book. Try to write something that will make people think and respond to your post. 

Your BIG IDEA should be in your topic sentence-don't use because in your topic sentence. Be sure your spelling and conventions are good. Once you submit your post, it's on this page for good! 

Feel free to comment on other people's posts as well. Let's get a bunch of conversations going about our favorite book so far this year!