Sunday, November 24, 2013

Name those minerals!

Your team of geologists has studied a set of unknown minerals. You've figured out the hardness, the streak colors, the luster and whether or not the minerals have cleavage. You have also been able to generate some additional properties, including whether or not the minerals are magnetic. Once you have compared your findings to a mineral identification chart, you should be ready to identify your minerals.

On this post, your team needs to decide what the minerals are and provide your reasons for believing those identifications. Collaborate with your team, create a brief Word document, check for good spelling and clear ideas, and then post it here. In the names section, each student of your team should have his or her name included.

A sample might look like the following:

We believe that mineral number 1 is quartz. The color of the mineral, the hardness and the streak color from our sample matches the mineral identification chart for quartz. Quartz does not have cleavage and has a non-metallic luster. That matches the sample and the mineral identification chart information.

You would then make a new "mini-paragraph" for each of the other three minerals. The above is just a sample, and your team can design the information how you see fit. However, you need to provide as much evidence as you can about why you think the mineral is what you have decided it to be.

Once everyone has posted their results, we will examine the findings and see who was correct. Think hard, communicate and collaborate with your team and create a good post of your findings.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Adventures of Pearley Monroe

We have had the opportunity to preview Marci Seither's book The Adventures of Pearley Monroe. After hearing the first twelve chapters, what do you think about the book? Tell your opinion of the book. You could comment on aspects such as:

  • the action of the plot-think how each chapter ended, think of the twists and turns

  • the characters-did you like them? not like them? did you have a favorite?

  • the history that is in the book

  • the way the story was written-could you understand it? was it fun to listen to? did it keep your interest?

  • the concepts that are in the book-think of our literature arcs

  • would you recommend this book to other fourth graders to read?

You may comment on any part of the book that you would like. Be thoughtful of your response. Create a meaningful review that is well written in terms of ideas, spelling and strong conventions. Your review will be online, and other people will be able to comment on it. It's always great to write something to which people respond!