Sunday, September 13, 2020

What makes a school great?

Hello to all my former students who have posted on this blog and have dropped by to see what is happening here since I have retired. Also, welcome to new visitors who have found us; my fourth graders spent a great deal of time posting on here. Hopefully, you have found something that you have enjoyed and we gave you something to think about from time to time. 

After I retired, I found an article whose title was, "What makes a great school?" I have my thoughts, but I also wonder what the students think. I know that I do not have a class any longer, but I hope that anyone who stops by here will post his or her ideas in the comments section. I would love to get a cross section of ideas from across the United States and even the world. As you can see on our visitors map, a large number of people from around the world have stopped by here. 

So, visitors, the question is simple: What makes a school great? Please post your ideas in the comments. Come back and see if anyone has responded to your ideas. I always respond to posts. If you see someone's idea that you would like to comment on, please do so. I sure hope we get some ideas going as I am truly interested in the students' perspective of what makes a great school. 

Thank you for your time-

Michael La Marr

Retired elementary school teacher

Sacramento, California



  1. Dylan Fender, student of MrLaMarr in 2017-2018September 29, 2020 at 2:28 PM

    Definitely the teachers. Each one has a different and motivating way that they teach. After being in middle school with 5 different teachers a day for 1 year, this is even more relevant. Hi Mr LaMarr! I really hope you are doing well in retirement. Everyone who went through your class at some point definitely misses you, at least I know I do.

    1. Hey Dylan! I am so glad to see your post; you're the first one. I hope others join in. I imagine 5 different teachers, especially in Zoom classes, would bring a challenge.

      I am enjoying retirement. I now have TWO grandsons, and I am having fun being "Bapa" as Warren named me. I miss you all too. I absolutely loved my year with your class. You guys are GREAT! Good luck to you this school year. Keep in touch if you can.

  2. Hi Mr. LaMarr and Dylan! My mom freaked out when I told her you put the "Over and Out" without the blog site and she was like "We should've saved the site!" ��
    Anyway, hi and I'm glad you still kept this up!

    1. What makes a school great (my response):
      Having good teachers that are motivated but strict, students that respect their teacher(s) and respect each other, and having fun together (and alone when necessary) would be another great point for an amazing school community.

  3. What makes school great? The students and teachers. If you have an amazing teacher like you Mr.Lamarr,school is beyond great. And if the school has great respectful students ,it will be easier for other students to make friends and for the teachers to teach.

  4. oops that post is Henry Reynen