Sunday, November 30, 2014

What minerals are in granite?

We have studied a number of minerals, and you have been very successful in identifying them. The challenge you have most recently had is to identify the minerals in pink granite. You have applied your learning well, and now it is time to report your findings.

We will use Today's Meet once again to discuss the findings of our eight geology teams. You will need to use the link below to go to our meeting room. Once there, sign in with your team members' names. Then, post your thoughts about what minerals are in granite. You need to be sure to state your proof as well. Anything worth reporting requires proof.

As ideas begin to come into the room, be sure that your team reads them and comments on them. If you agree with another team, be sure to tell that team and tell why you agree. If you find something about which you don't agree, then be sure you tell them that too, and then explain why you disagree. Remember, this is an online debate, and our goal is to get the correct answer. Have an open mind and think carefully about what each team says.

The link to the meeting room is:

The room is closed. Thank you for your ideas!

Good luck!

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